Commitment to Quality

Nothing else should be on your mind in the heat of the moment. Our free 1-year replacement warranty on all naughty products is here to do just that: Keep those good vibes going! If your product is acting up or stops working due to manufacturer issues, we will send you a replacement at no extra cost.

We read each and every product review that’s submitted. Your feedback is important as we are always striving to improve our guest experience. The quality of our products is something we truly take pride in and your feedback provides valuable insight into making us even better.

Helpful Information

1-Year Warranty

We’re now offering a FREE 1-year replacement warranty on all naughty products, no matter whether it was purchased online or in store. Best part of all? You don’t have to bring it back to the store!

How It Works:

Got questions? Ask Jackie! If you’re having trouble with your toy, contact Jackie’s Intimate Support Team and a trained associate will provide troubleshooting tips. If necessary, we’ll ship you a replacement at no additional cost.

Live Chat: Click “Ask Jackie” at the bottom of our web page.


Call: 1-800-762-0419 (option 4)

Ask Jackie

Jackie and our Intimate Support Team know sex toys and naughty products inside and out. Each associate goes through rigorous training to ensure that they’re knowledgeable in all things naughty and can quickly address any questions you may have about your product, whether it’s how to use it or how to change the batteries. Live chat, email or give Jackie and her team a call whenever you need answers fast!

Size Guides and Charts

To ensure that you select the sex toy that best suits your needs, please use this guide to cross-reference the girth/circumference measurement listed in the product description. The measurement listed in GREY represents the diameter, or width, at the widest point. The measurement listed in PURPLE represents the circumference, or girth, around the item (refer to the illustration below).

Common Sex Toy Measurements

This diagram represents how most common shapes are measured. Please note the difference between insertable length vs. the total length of the product. Use the Sex Toy Measurement Guide to convert girth (circumference) to diameter (width).

Battery Guide

Depending on the type of vibrator you’ve purchased, there are a few different ways for the batteries to be inserted. See the images below and check your toy for proper battery insertion.

Most battery-operated products have a paper tab that must be removed before use in order to power up the product.

If there's a white paper cylinder wrapped around the batteries, do not remove. The manufacturer adds this component to hold batteries in place and prevent the vibrator from rattling.

Ensure that the batteries are facing in opposite directions when loaded and you should be good to go.

Power & Sound Ratings

Every vibrating toy listed on our website has both power and sound ratings.

Whether you want a toy that's extremely powerful or something on the tamer side, we have endless options. So, if you're looking for a toy you can use discreetly or one that’ll take you from zero to “OH MY!” in seconds, these rating charts will help you find one that’s right for you.

Care Instructions

Cleaning your product with toy cleaner after each use is essential. It's also important to remove batteries when your vibrator's not in use to ensure peak lifespan and performance. If the toy's not powering on or is running on low power, try replacing old batteries with fresh ones.

Some toys may absorb a subtle scent during production. To dissipate, clean with soapy water or toy cleaner before first-time use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're buying sex toys for the first or the hundredth time, you likely have questions about batteries, sustaining the products longevity or how to have the most pleasurable experience. At Spencer's, we know sex toys inside and out. Read on for all the answers to your most pressing vibrator questions and customer support options.

Do intimate products arrive in discreet packaging?

Yes. Every intimate item sold at Spencer’s arrives in discreet packaging, save for Canada and military bases (see below). Your privacy is very important to us, so we make sure your purchases are kept confidential. The Spencer’s name and logo will appear on the outside of your package; however, please be advised that for deliveries to Canada, APO/FPO and other military bases, the contents of your order are required to be listed on the outside of your package. In only those cases, discreet packaging for intimate items is not permitted. If you have any questions about our packaging, please contact us via Live Chat at the top of our website or email us at

How do I extend my sex toy's life?

Cleaning your product with toy cleaner after each use is essential. When storing your toy, it's also important to remove batteries and avoid wrapping the wires around your toy to ensure peak lifespan and performance.

How do I properly install the batteries?

Batteries must be facing in opposite directions when loaded. If there's a white paper cylinder around the batteries, do not remove; however, if there's a thin paper tab in the battery compartment, it must be removed. See the graphs above for more information. It's also important to avoid over-twisting the battery cover when powering up a vibrator.

TIP: If the toy's not powering on or is running low on power, try replacing old batteries with fresh ones.

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Return Policy

At Spencer's, we take our customers' safety very seriously and we believe that re-selling intimate products may put that at risk. In order to protect your health and wellbeing, we do not accept returns or exchanges on intimate products; however, we do offer a 1-Year Warranty on all intimate products.