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Guest Services: Volume Discounts

Bulk Purchaser Notification:

Spencer's reserves the right to restrict, limit, or cancel orders and the return applicable to Bulk Purchasers. The term "Bulk Purchaser" refers to and includes Purchasers for resale and Purchasers of greater than 10 items of the same product.

Bulk Purchasers who participate in the process of purchasing and reselling Spencer's merchandise may not use any trademark, copyright or copyrighted materials, models or other intellectual property of Spencer's without first obtaining written permission to do so. To simplify, Bulk Purchasers are not allowed to use Spencer's company name, trademarks, or copyright in any way that would imply a sponsorship or endorsement by Spencer's, as well as implicate themselves as an affiliate of Spencer's or any of its brands.

Bulk Purchasers may not return any merchandise unless it was defective at time of purchase and was not considered a clearance item. All sales of clearance merchandise to Bulk Purchasers are final. Bulk Purchasers cannot advise their customers to return or exchange their merchandise to Spencer's.

Spencer's reserves the right to refuse sales to Bulk Purchasers at any time.

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