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Even if you’re a social butterfly, you can still love those nights when you don’t have any plans and can stay home and watch as many TV show episodes as you like. Maybe you block off that night to see the latest episode when it airs, or you gorge on reruns because the show is just so good, you can’t get enough. Whether it’s The Walking Dead or Orphan Black, a classic like Twin Peaks or Baywatch or cartoons like Bob’s Burgers, you love the drama. And if you love showing off your favorites, then our TV themed t shirts should definitely be on your list of must-haves.

Spencer’s TV show shirts let you bring that drama into your daily life by flaunting a favorite network like MTV or Nickelodeon or a favorite prop like Negan’s Lucille. Maybe you watch Ancient Aliens mostly ironically, or you can’t stop laughing at Impractical Jokers—either way, Spencer’s can be your ultimate TV show store! Perhaps you’re a fan of a show that nobody would ever peg you as a viewer of, so why not shake your prim and proper image and rock any of our Sons of Anarchy series t shirts?

If TV is the language you live and breathe and you pretty much know exactly when your favorite shows are on without having to consult a guide, then you can show off your small screen fandom by displaying the characters who keep you riveted week after week with any of our awesome TV show t shirts.