What are ear stretching kits?

            Ear stretching kits are an easy to way stretch your ears to your desired gauge size you want. This is a gradual process that’s easy to do, though it requires patience. It’s recommended that you only try to stretch your ear only one gauge size at a time, and take a break from two to six months between stretches. Visit our blog for more information on figuring out the right gauge size for you and your body jewelry.

            How do I use ear stretching kits?

            While stretching your ears is a great way to reflect your personal style, it’s important to know that it takes time. Ear stretching won’t take just one day or one night, but a longer time period. If you’re looking to get a larger size gauge, it could take months, so it’s important to be prepared and have plenty of patience. It’s definitely possible and easy to stretch your ears to reach the gauge size you want, and these kits make it easy to do.

            It’s important to make sure you’re stretching your ears in a way that’s safe, by only stretching from one size to the next. If you try to stretch your ear further during the healing process, that could lead to damage to your ear, so be careful not to skip sizes.

            Where can I buy ear stretching kits?

            You can buy your next ear gauging style when you shop from our extensive ear gauges, plugs and stretching section! Looking to stretch your ears to the perfect size? Never fear! Our selection of ear stretching kits is perfect for gauging ears in a smooth and easy process. You’ll find everything you need to get the gauge you’ve always desired. They’re part of our wide selection of body jewelry for every taste.