As part of our online selection of sex & wellness products, Spencer's has a wide range of products to help you improve your sex life, including expert sex books.

            Sex Position Books

            No matter how sexually experienced you are, there’s always something new you can try, which is why Spencer’s carries a range of sex positions books to keep things hot as can be in the bedroom. Impress your lover with all the right moves when you learn about ways to increase his or her pleasure. Sometimes a small shift can have big results and will also stave off boredom because you’ll be ready to experiment. You may think you’ve tried all the most popular sex positions—doggy style, reverse cowgirl, up against the wall and more—but even the dirtiest mind can’t think of everything. That’s where sex books like the position of the day book come in; they take the guesswork out of it, so you can focus on having an orgasmic and arousing time. They have hundreds of options, so your sex life will never feel stagnant. Bust out of your bedroom routine and have sex in a new location with a whole different point of view.

            Some sex positions will make his penis feel even bigger, ensuring a good time for all, while others may be better for clitoral stimulation. You’ll learn these sex secrets and can adapt them to your romantic relationship. Any type of sexual knowledge you’re looking for can be found in our books about sex, which even have diagrams so you know exactly where every body part is supposed to go. You can experiment with Cosmos 365 Naughty Nights, which provides a year of sexual experiments you and your lover can try. You can opt to get it on every day or take your time and see which of these time-honored position suits you best. Couples who want the advice of sex experts can find it in the pages of these sex manuals. You may need to make some adjustments, but you’ll know that they come with the seal of approval of people who know what makes men and women tick in bed. From sex bibles, to expert intoroductions to Kinky Sex Games, to other types of guides to the art of intimacy, we'll help you get the most fun education you've ever had.

            Unlike school, studying sexuality can be a lot of fun, especially when you research these sex expert tips together as a couple. Curl up in bed, pick a page and get ready to try something new that can make your big O even bigger!

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