What is a septum ring?

              A septum ring is a piece of jewelry that decorates the piercing between the nostrils in the center of the nose, otherwise known as the nasal septum. Unlike a nostril piercing, a septum ring doesn't go through cartilage, but rather the soft piece of skin in front of it; this is known as the "sweet spot" of the septum. If you're looking for a piercing that catches the eye and offers a stylish touch, then a septum piercing is the way to go.

              Are there different types of septum jewelry?

              Absolutely! While every septum ring works basically the same way, they still vary in closure and style. Here at Spencer's, you'll find the following kinds of septum jewelry for your nose:

              Clicker Septum Rings
              If you'd rather avoid threaded beads on your nose rings, then septum clicker rings can be the perfect choice for you! They're hinged, so that you simply open and lock it into place in your piercing. Because they're easy to put on and often feature unique styles, clicker rings are quite popular in the world of body jewelry. If you want the perfect jewelry for a special occasion, like a concert or festival, then you’ll love septum clickers!

              Seamless Septum Rings
              A seamless septum ring is another option that avoids threaded closure. Instead of being hinged like clicker rings, this nose jewelry requires you to twist the ring until it fits through your piecing, then twisting it back into place. These rings are circular, and are often featured in simple hoop styles. Because of this, these septum hoops are great for everyday or casual wear.

              Captive Rings
              What most people love about captive rings is the fact that they can be worn in multiple piercings. While most captive rings feature a pincher, "dimple" closure, where the ball is indented for the sides of the ring to fit into place, some rings do have a internally threaded ball. This septum jewelry is another common style, though some rings feature a jeweled bead, like CZ or opal, for added style. An added bonus is that captives come in various gauges, so these rings can be worn in different places, not just septum piercings!

              Horseshoe Rings
              For the classic threaded style, horseshoe rings should be your jewelry of choice. Much like captive rings, horseshoe rings come in different gauges. They can be used in various piercings, and their open style makes them great septum rings, nipple jewelry, or earrings for the tragus or daith. Also known as "tusk rings," horseshoes are basically a circular barbell with an omega shape and a threaded ball at the end. Though this nose jewelry isn't always threaded; sometimes the ends are left open and come with O-rings for closure. Other styles feature spikes instead of beads, or other shapes and gems, giving them a look that's great for any fun occasion.

              What materials are septum rings available in?

              Much like other body jewelry, stainless and surgical steel is common in the barbell of nose rings. Surgical stainless steel is body safe, much like titanium, but can still cause issues with people who are sensitive to these metals. If you're looking for something a bit fancier than surgical steel, then you may want to check out our rose gold, sterling silver, and gold-plated septum jewelry. These plated pieces are great for special events, but gold septum ring shouldn't be used for casual wear. We also have plastic or acrylic retainers if you just need to give your piercing a break from gold septum jewelry.

              How do I take care of my septum ring?

              Using a saline solution is an absolute must, especially during healing. Your septum can be a sensitive area, especially during your piercing's healing process. Much like a labret or tongue piercing, the septum is exposed to some body fluids, so it can be prone to infection. If you have to blow your nose before your septum piercing is fully healed, make sure to do so gently. Changing your nose ring too early is also a big no-no. Most nose piercings heal after 6 weeks, though most experts would recommend waiting a bit longer. If you have yet to get a saline solution spray for your piercing, we recommend checking out the H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare spray, which we sell right here at Spencer's.

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              You'll love showing off your totally awesome septum style when you shop our wide variety of affordable body jewelry from Spencer’s. Let your septum ring shine as bright as your personality, and you'll turn heads wherever you go! From horseshoes to septum clickers, you'll find the perfect septum nose ring for you when you browse our assortment of septum jewelry right here at Spencer’s Online!