St. Patrick's Day Merchandise

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St. Patrick’s Day Merchandise

Ready to put together the most shamrocking outfit? Spencer’s selection of St. Patrick’s Day merchandise has all you need to get lucky this year. From St. Patrick’s Day tees and tanks to festive hats and other accessories, you’ll have everyone else green with envy for sure. Does a more traditional style of St. Patrick’s Day gear suit you better? We got you covered there, too. St. Paddy’s Day kilts and costumes are always a staple at the bar scene.

St. Patrick’s Day Gear

When it comes to the newest and trendiest St. Patrick’s Day gear, Spencer’s got you covered. Instead of wearing any lame t-shirt that you picked up the day of, wouldn’t you rather wear a St. Pat’s Drinking Team jersey? Maybe coordinate with one of your friends and proudly wear shirts that say “I’m with drunkass” and “I’m drunkass” with arrows, of course. Honestly, these are perfect for that friend of yours who always seems to wander off alone. Some of the best St. Patrick’s Day gear is the shirts that are brutally honest. Let everyone know that this year, you’re ready to drink triple, see double, and act single. If anyone complains about your behavior, just point to your shirt. At least you warned them.

St. Patrick’s Day Accessories

You can just wear a green shirt and call it a day. Yeah sure, green and gold beads are a quick and easy thing to add, but you should be so much more extra than that. Don’t be lame. Wear more St. Patrick’s Day merchandise, like a headband with a mini leprechaun hat attached. Or maybe add some Irish flag suspenders to your outfit to take it from generic to festive as fuck. Not actually Irish? Who cares! Anyone can celebrate on March 17th, but we do also have a few things that’ll let everyone know you’re not actually Irish—just enjoy celebrating with everyone else.

St. Patrick’s Day Costumes

Going all out this year? YAS! We’re so ready for it. Spencer’s St. Patrick’s Day costumes range from full on Irish kilts to adorable lady leprechaun costumes. And guys, we couldn’t forget about you. Obviously you guys wearing kilts is highly encouraged, but if that’s showing a little too much skin for your liking, we have other St. Patrick’s Day merchandise that’ll keep you comfortable and festive, like our awesome clover leaf suit that comes complete with jacket, pants, and matching tie. Wearing any of these outfits for St. Paddy’s Day will have you feeling like you struck gold!

St. Patrick’s Day Drinkware

You can’t pregame St. Patrick’s Day without having the appropriate festive drinkware. Grab an oversized pint glass and you won’t even have to get back up for refills. Or if you rarely sit in one spot, you can take a beaded St. Patrick’s Day shot glass necklace where you end up!