Spencer's knows sex, and we're here to offer you all the erotic toys you desire. Some of our most popular are realistic vibrators. Keep reading to learn all about this popular bedroom item.

            What Is a Realistic Vibrator?

            These unique vibrators offer the best of both worlds: the pleasurable vibrations of a high quality vibrator, with the look and size of an actual penis. They're much like realistic dildos, except...you know, they vibrate. Some are veined to give a textured feel, while others have suction cup bases to hold them in place against a flat surface.

            Does a Realistic Vibrator Actually Feel like a Penis?

            These unique vibrators are powerful enough to get you off when you’re in the mood; they're anatomically correct, with the familiar similar veins and head you’ll find on a human penis. These vibrating toys come in a range of colors, from neon to flesh-tone, so some of these colorful vibes won’t be mistaken for an actual portion of the male anatomy--but they do have the same shape and textures as the more "realistic" ones.

            What Makes These Vibrators So Unique?

            These life like, vibrating dildos give you the long length and thick girth that you crave from a toy, so you can lie back, relax, and simply let the waves of delight overtake you. Some of our realistic vibrators are bendable or curved in just the right way to hit the G spot, helping you coax out even more pleasure with a little more vibration. In the world of personal massagers, these vibrating toys are excellent for those who love multi-speed vibration and a nicely sized penis.

            Try a realistic vibrating dildo and watch as it brings you endless sexual stimulation on your own or with a partner. You’ll be able to successfully quench your thirst of mind-blowing pleasure by using a real feel vibrator and an immense amount of imagination.

            How Can I Use a Vibrator with My Partner?

            Using sex toys with your lover may seem intimidating or awkward, so it's important to find one that both of you are comfortable playing with. Realistic vibrators are perfect for clitoral stimulation, and letting your partner take control can be fun for the both of you. If your toy is waterproof, then you can bring it into the shower for some steamy fun.

            Or if you and your partner have talked about it before, then you can get them a vibrator of their own for Valentine's Day or a naughty birthday gift. It could be fun to surprise your lover with a vibe just for them, whether you plan on playing together or letting them have all the fun. When you're out of town and apart from them, they'll have their vibe to remind them of the real thing.

            Of course, the bedroom is always a good (obvious) option of where to use your vibrator, though you don't have to keep the fun at home! You can pack your sex toy for vacation, your honeymoon, or any other romantic getaway. What could be better than having an extra large bathtub in your hotel room? A waterproof vibrator to play with! 

            Keep in mind that, if you and your partner intend on using lube with your vibe, to never mix silicone lube with a silicone toy. If you're unsure about what your toy is made of, then using water-based lube is always your safest option.

            Where Can I Buy a Real Feel Vibrator?

            You can buy a realistic vibrator right here at Spencer's! With a wide range of sex toys, from curved, G-spot vibrators to multi-speed and waterproof, there truly is a vibrator out there for everyone. Check out all of the life like vibrators and more that we have to offer here at spencersonline.com. And, don't worry, our discreet shipping makes shopping online with us easy.