What is a nose ring?

              A nose ring is used to accent a nose piercing, and styles include the nose bone (also known as a prong nose stud), nose screw, nose stud, L bend nose stud, and nose hoop. Jewelry like this is most commonly used in a nostril piercing, where the cartilage of either the left or right nostril is pierced, though the nasal septum (the nasal septum is pierced at the skin in the center of your nose that separates your nostrils) is also a common piercing. For more information on septum rings, click here.

              How do I know which style is right for me?

              The type of nose ring you should get definitely depends on what you're doing throughout the day. For example, a nose ring may look totally awesome for your next concert or festival, but it may not be something you'd want to wear for every occasion. The difference for nose bones, screws, L bends or L shapes, and studs are mainly found in the backing, so on the outside they all look like simple nose studs. The smaller, simpler studs are the go-to for many people because they tend to snag way less than larger nose hoops. Here at Spencer's, you'll have access to all of these nose ring styles under our body jewelry selection, so you can get a ring, nose stud, or hoop that perfectly matches your needs and style!

              And while hoops may not be for everyone, our nose hoop selection is sure to please anyone who loves the classic style; however, it should be noted that nose hoops are different from septum jewelry. So if you're looking for clicker rings, then you may want to check out our septum ring jewelry page instead. But if you're looking for regular hoops, then we have plenty of multi-packs that will keep your nose hoop style fresh for any occasion.

              What are the most important things to consider before getting a piercing?

              • Surgical stainless steel is the most common material in nose studs, hoops, and other body jewelry. It is body safe, but it is NOT hypoallergenic.
              • Titanium is considered one of the best materials for high-quality body jewelry.
              • Sterling Silver and 14K Gold should never go into a new piercing, and should only be worn in a healed piercing for a limited amount of time.
              • A nose ring takes up to 6 months to heal, and should not be changed until it is completely healed.
              • Changing the type of nose ring (i.e. going from a nose screw to an L bend ring) for the first time can be painful.
              • If you want to give your piercing a break (or simply can't have a nose ring in), then Bioflex nose retainers are a must-have.
              • Much like any kind of body jewelry, you should know what your body likes and doesn't like. If your skin begins to react badly to a new nose hoop or stud, replace it immediately.
              • Nose studs are often jeweled or feature a bezel with different gems and styles. Popular gems or stones include CZ (cubic zirconia) and opal or opalite.
              • If you're unsure of what style will fit your nose best, you can always opt for a bendable fishtail nose ring, A fishtail is a type of nose stud that you can take to your pierce and have customized to fit your nose, from screw to L shaped.
              • Earrings and nose studs are NOT interchangeable. Don't put earrings in your nose piercings or nose studs in your ears.

              What kind of designs does Spencer's offer?

              So if you're ready to step up your nose jewelry game, then consider the look you want while shopping for your new nose stud or hoop. You can get something as cute as a rose flower or butterfly, or get a CZ stud or nose bone for a classy, sparkling look. Or, if you're not a big fan of CZ and you'd rather have a ring with a more mystical touch, then opal may just be your gem of choice for jewelry. Opal or opalite often gives off a multi-color, sometimes iridescent style that makes it stand apart from other stones like CZ, so it enables you to create a unique, eye-catching look that's all your own. But hey, there's nothing wrong with a little cubic zirconia, either. After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend! As aprt of our wide selection of affordable body jewelry, we offer numerous nose ring and stud designs so you can get exactly the look you want.

              What materials are available?

              When it comes to material grade, most of our rings and nose piercing studs are made from Surgical stainless steel and some are even anodized, giving these rings a sleek, shiny look that's hard to pass up. Stainless Steel isn't quite at the quality level of titanium, but it's still an excellent material for your nose jewelry. Like we said earlier on, sterling Silver and 14K gold aren't materials you should wear everyday and unlike titanium or SSS, they're definitely not materials that are suitable for new piercings. Rather, sterling silver and similar metals are something you should wear for special occasions, and not for long periods of time; this is due to the fact that they actually oxidize when they come in contact with body tissue and fluids. In short, it's best to avoid wearing certain body jewelry (like nose rings, labret rings, and tragus rings, etc.) especially when they're made of sterling silver. As for 14K gold, not only is it often alloyed with other metals, but it's also considered a softer metal as well; because of this, wearing 14K gold body jewelry creates a larger risk of irritation, or even infection. Yikes!

              Visit our blog to learn about the different types of nose piercings and which one might be right for you.

              Spencer’s has all the latest styles of nose rings, whether you’ve just gotten pierced or simply want to mix up your daily jewelry look. We carry nose l bends, nose bones and pins, nose corkscrews, hoop nose rings as well as nose ring multi-packs. Plus we’re constantly updating our nose jewelry collection so you’ll always have looks that make you look and feel amazing.