What are nose bones?

            Also known as nose pins, nose bones are a type of nose ring that feature a decorative stone or pendant on one end of a short post, and a small ball on the other in order to keep it in place--though the ball is still small enough to put in and out of your nose with ease. This style appeals to a lot of body jewelry fans who'd rather not have a hoop or often struggle with putting in nose screws. 

            How should I wear a nose bone?

            Before you get your new nose bone, you should consider all of the pros and cons about wearing one--especially if this is your first time. If you're unsure where to start or you're just learning more about nose bones, you should know at least these facts:

            • Nose bones are not recommended for new or healing piercings, as they leave very little wiggle room and can cause quite a bit of pain if your nose is swelled.  
            • Because of their short length, wearing a nose bone can actually make it easier and less painful to blow your nose and other
            • Keep in mind that the ball of the nose pin doesn't unscrew, so if it's too small then it could potentially fall out.
            • Because each nose is different, nose bones are offered in various sizes. While noses are usually pierced at 18 gauge, some nose bones come in as large as 14 gauge.
            • Unlike nose screws that you have to twist in, you can push a nose bone straight into your piercing.

            Remember that body jewelry will always have its risks, regardless of why type of piercing you wear. Always practice safe techniques and care for your jewelry by washing it in saline solutions and avoiding putting stress on your piercings.

            Where can I buy nose bones?

            Bring some bling to your nose piercing by shopping for nose bones right here at Spencer Gifts as part of our wide selection of affordable body jewelry! You can find unique nose rings and nose bones featuring a plain ball on the top so no one will have to guess if you have your nose pierced. Our selection of nose pins features fun symbols like stars, butterflies, flowers, and hearts. No matter what your style is, Spencer's can help you make your nose piercing stand out with nose bones that show off your personality!