Shop Lubes from Spencer’s to make sex slippery and free of friction! Our sex lubes are designed to make playing with sex toys or enjoying other sex acts as fun as possible. We carry a wide selection of high-quality personal lubricants, including water based lubes, silicone lubes, organic lubes and anal lubes, as well as edible flavored lubes. This section also features massage lotion to help you get more intimate with your partner, and prolong and enhance lubes for guys to help maintain your erection for longer. You’ll also find body paint for hands on fun, edible body topping so you can turn your partner into the most delicious dessert, and lube kits and samplers to experiment with various types. Our lubes and lotions are part of our range of high-quality sex toys we carry.

Sex Lubes & Lotions

Spencer’s has the best personal lubricants, lotions and gels for every kind of sex act, from anal lube to water-based lubrication and massage lotion. Every man and woman can benefit from a little sex lubricant, whether on your own or with a partner, because it helps reduce friction and make you juicy right where you need it. Sex lube is perfect to use with your favorite adult toys, as well as for hand jobs, intercourse and any type of anal play.

What Are Sex Gels?

We also have sex gels that can be used on specific body parts such as the nipples or clitoris to help make you more aroused. A popular option is women’s orgasm enhancement gel, which can give her just the boost she needs to get her as hot and bothered as you are and ready for sexytime.

What Are Sex Lotions?

Our lubes and sex lotions come in a wide variety of options, whether you want flavored lube to make oral sex something you look forward to, a warming lube or gel to heat things up or a prolonging cream to stay hard as long as you want to. If you want to give the sweetest, most sensual massage, the kind that will have your lover moaning in delight at how good your touch feels, use one of our flavored sex body lotions. You can indulge in an erotic rubdown as part of foreplay or simply to help them relax after a long day…if you do it right, they will likely be in the mood for something even steamier when you’re done!

Anal Lubes

If you’re enjoying any form of anal sex, whether with a sex toy like a butt plug or intercourse, lubrication is a must to do it safely. We have just the right anal lube to make this type of erotic play welcoming for all. For other types of sexual intimacy, little lube can go a long way, whether you’re looking for a water based lube to mimic your natural juices or a silicone based longer lasting lube to go the distance in the sack.

Spencer's also has plenty of lubricant sampler packs that are perfect for travel or keeping in your bag for whenever you might need them or for trying out different versions before settling on a favorite. If you're looking for a sex lubricant to make your intimate moments even more pleasurable, we have them to suit every need. Go ahead and make sex even more exciting!

If you have any questions about which lube is right for you, or any of our other adult products, our sex experts are here to help! You can contact us via the "Help" button at the top of the page or by clicking "Ask Jackie" below. To speak with a staffer in the Spencer's Guest Services department, call us at 1-800-762-0419.