It's that time of year again! Love is in the air, and we're reminded of how amazing it is to have a special someone to celebrate with. But unlike Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, or even anniversary gifts, it's not that hard to find the perfect Valentine's Day gifts that both you and partner can appreciate. And Spencer's is here to make the shopping trip so much easier, because we have a whole selection of hot sexy couples gifts to choose from!

            What Are Fun Sex Toys for Couples?

            It goes without saying that these couples gifts are for adults only, but they're exactly what they sound like--they're gifts for couples. Rather than giving your partner something simply for them, surprising them with a gift that you can both use is a great way to have fun, intimate time together. These naughty surprises are often a great way to avoid having a "usual routine" when it comes to sex, making them great for any couple looking to spice up their sensual play time! Remember that your Valentine's Day will only be as fun and as exciting as the gifts you give, so surprising the woman, man, or significant other in your life with a sexy gift is the perfect way to ensure that your night is full of sensual pleasure and mind-blowing sex.

            What Are Some fun Couples Gifts for My Wife or Girlfriend?

            Sure, it'd be easy enough to grab gifts like flowers, chocolates, and maybe a cute little card to show her you care, but that's so boring! Make this year's Valentine's gift one she'll remember by giving her a sexy gift that both of you will love! You'll become boyfriend or husband of the year when she opens up her present to find a We-Vibe vibrator or sensual warming lubes and massage oil, or even a pair of kinky handcuffs! Talk with the woman in your life to find out what she truly craves sexually. Has she thought about experimenting with a blindfold or a fun adult game? Surprise her! Valentine's Day is a special holiday that celebrates love and intimacy, so why not create the perfect, intimate night with a gift from Spencer's? From sexy lingerie and adult cards to naughty toys and sex kits, you'll be able to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you and your lover! Besides, who even keeps those cheesy cards around anyway?

            What Naughty Gifts Should I Get My Husband or Boyfriend?

            If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom and reignite the spark in your relationship, then Valentine's Day is the perfect day to surprise the man in your life! A book of erotic coupons is the perfect token of appreciation, as you never know when he'll decide to ask you for a naughty favor! You could also get an adult game, like sexy dice or cards, to make your sexual fun a little bit more interesting. Or, if you want his eyes on you all night long, then you can surprise him with a new set of sexy lingerie and matching G-string--simply walk into the bedroom wearing a robe, and watch his jaw drop as the robe hits the floor. But if you truly want to be adventurous, then maybe one of our bondage kits could make the perfect naughty gift. Simply light a candle or two to set the mood, and then experiment with the toys found in any of our sexy kits. Maybe you love being tied up and bound, or you find that he's a lot more dominant than you thought--and really knows how to use a flogger! No matter how you two love to do it, these kinky kits are perfect for creating a night of absolutely naughty pleasure with your boyfriend, husband, or significant other.

            Should I Get My Lover a Sex Toy as a Valentine's Day Gift?

            Great question! Adult toys are definitely one way to make sex a lot more interesting, and they're totally a step up from sexy dice and cards, but you also have to remember that not every couple is the same! Some couples have a collection dedicated to their sexual adventures, while others may simply prefer the company of each other--and that's okay! No one should know your partner better than you, so sometimes it's as simple as asking yourself, "would my partner want a naughty gift that's THIS naughty?" If the answer is, "oh, definitely," then you're on the right track! Naughty couples gifts are great for exploring things like BDSM, role reversal with a strap on, or even simply just playing with a vibrator for the first time. And if you know for a fact your lover will enjoy a vibrator, then you can surprise them with a Lelo massager for a sensual massage they'll truly remember! But if you're still not sure if a sex toy is the right gift for your significant other, then it may be better to choose a different gift this year. The good news is that there’s no shortage of great gift ideas for your main squeeze at Spencer’s, so be sure to check out some of our latest drinkware, apparel and more!