The right hosiery is the perfect way to elevate your outfit from ho hum to hot stuff. At Spencer's, we're all about sexy stockings that will make your legs the star of your look. Whether you wear them in the bedroom or out on the town, our legwear will make you feel fabulous.

            What is hosiery?

            Hosiery is simply any type of apparel for your legs such as pantyhose, tights and stockings.

            Why do women like hosiery?

            Women enjoy hosiery because it's both fashionable and functional. It makes your legs look incredible and helps keep you warm. Hosiery can be worn with any type of dress, skirt or lingerie. It can complement an already sexy style or be the focal point.

            Plus, hosiery helps shape and enhance your legs. For instance, the diamond pattern of fishnet stockings can make your legs look longer. Hosiery with a back seam will draw the eye upward.

            If you like to wear short skirts but don't want everyone to see your panty, full coverage stockings are the perfect solution.

            Hosiery is also an affordable way to add variety to your wardrobe. Maybe you're wearing the same skirt a week apart. Rock sheer or lace-up tights one day, and striped ones the next. You'll be sporting a totally different visual element.

            Women of all body types enjoy the way hosiery looks and feels. We also carry plenty of plus size hosiery for curvy women.

            Why types of hosiery exist?

            There are numerous styles and colors of hosiery available. There's much more than what comes to mind when you think "panty hose." At Spencer's, we specialize in sexy stockings in a variety of looks. You can go super racy, cute and twee or somewhere in the middle. You can easily match your stockings to your outfit or use them to jazz up a monochrome look.

            Sometimes your stockings may be the centerpiece of your whole outfit. You might even plan your date night attire around them. Consider our Gold Studded Backseam Tights. This shiny legwear will look fabulous glittering beneath your favorite little black dress. You can also go bold by pairing it with gold heels and booty shorts or a skirt.

            What are the sexiest stockings?

            The sexiest stockings are the ones that make you feel the hottest. It's as simple as that. Some women wear fishnets every day; other ladies are more into opaque tights. How you match your legwear to your shoes and attire can help amp up the sex appeal. Rocking the perfect pair of panties (or no panties at all!) and your favorite sexy heels can be a killer combination.

            Maybe your skirt falls right at your thigh. A pair of knee high or thigh high stockings offer the perfect reveal. You get to tease everyone watching you while also showing off just enough to make them curious.

            The wonderful thing about hosiery is that it can showcase your mood. Feeling playful? Opt for Sailor Moon Cat Tights. Or go romantic with legwear like our Suspender Heart Tights.

            There’s nothing more alluring than giving your date a glimpse of your legs encased in black lace top fishnet thigh high stockings. No matter what the occasion, these flattering tights help elongate your legs and make them look incredible. You can wear them everywhere, from an intimate dinner to an exciting party or even an elegant evening. They offer a touch of romance with the lace top but a naughty thrill from the fishnet pattern. Because of this they’re perfect for any sexy fashionista.

            Spencer’s has a wide range of women’s tights, including plus size stockings, seamless fishnet tights, red lace stockings and so much more. You can pair them with your ensembles year round or save them for special occasions when you truly want to stand out.

            Here’s a few outfit suggestions. Our shredded leggings go perfectly with your favorite clubwear dress. You get a little more coverage while also staying totally fashionable. For date night outfit ideas, mesh black hole stockings add major sex appeal. Your partner won’t be able to stop staring at your shapely calves. Or get bold with our corset back fishnet tights with laces or black rhinestone tights to truly make you sparkle.

            You can make everyone turn and stare at your legs when you rock our dot bow thigh high stockings that can’t help but draw the eye.

            Spencer's sexy stockings are the perfect way to complement your favorite skirt or dress. Just as you accessorize with jewelry, you can adorn your legs. Go for full coverage, thigh high, sheer, fishnet, lace, diamond net, seamed or other styles in a variety of colors. Our stylish, affordable hosiery can help you look glamorous, seductive or simply add a fashionable edge to your outfit.

            Why not pair your new stockings with some pasties and garters for an all over sexy look that will show off all your curves to their best advantage?

            Spencer's selection of hosiery is designed to make you look even more stunning and have your legs be the star of your very own personal fashion show.

            You want your gams looking gorgeous as can be. No matter the weather, you can elevate your legwear look with matching stockings. You can even wear them in the bedroom along with your lingerie. Imagine a pair of thigh high stockings sticking out beneath a matching black babydoll or chemise.

            Whether you’re already a sexy stockings aficionado or are new to the world of women’s tights, take a look around. We’re confident you’ll find just the right leggings to enhance any dress, skirt or Halloween costume.

            A pair of thigh highs or beautiful seamed stockings can truly make an outfit. You'll be assured that every step you take will be an eye-catching one. Whatever type you select of sexy tights you select, your legs will be knockouts. You’ll feel like a million bucks…but your stockings are affordable enough that you can wear them every day.

            If you have any questions about sexy hosiery or any other items, we're available to assist you. Simply click the "Help" button at the top of the screen or the "Ask Jackie" button below. You can also call our Customer Service department at 1-800-762-0419.