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Group & Couple Costumes

If you truly want to win best costume at the Halloween party you attend this year, Spencer’s can help with our wide selection of group and couple’s getups, letting you double or even triple or quadruple your fun. Coordinating costumes lets you get extra creative and truly be a festive force to be reckoned with. Maybe your party date wants to dress up but doesn’t know what they want to go as; you can solve that problem by selecting matching outfits (you may even want to let people think your partner in crime thought of it themselves!).
Or your group of friends can wow everyone around them by donning costumes that collectively dazzle much more than any individual outfit ever could, like Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman and Riddler. You could pick the Anita reefer nurse costume while your BFF opts for the adult blunt master joint costume, or dress in matching R2D2 and Darth Vader corsets.
Our rebel storybook costumes bring a unique twist to classic stories like Alice in Wonderland and fairy tales such as Snow White and Cinderella. Maybe you’re the Mad Hatter to your friend’s Alice, or you’re Jack Skellington partnered up with a pal wearing our glam deluxe Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costume. Some of the many other variations we offer? Our bacon and eggs couples costume for the breakfast lovers. Get a little subversive as a pregnant nun and happy priest. Video game players can join forces in Assassins Creed, Mortal Kombat, Legend of Zelda and Mario Bros costumes. Whether you’re looking for spooky, steampunk, zombie, skeleton, Day of the Dead, sci fi, sinister circus, or schoolgirl, we’ve got lots of options. The possibilities are practically endless!
Feel free to mix and match from Spencer’s assortment of fun Halloween looks, because isn’t that what this holiday is all about? Maybe Abby from NCIS is on the town with a mad scientist, Piper from Orange Is the New Black becomes buddies with an escaped convict, or sexy Chucky and Freddy Krueger want to get gruesome together. How you put these group and couples costumes together is up to you; the most important thing is that you enjoy the final look you create!