If you’re the joker amongst your group of friends, always willing to do anything to get a laugh, from telling a hilarious story, doing silly dances and sight gags or making faces, then you probably want to display your sense of humor when you get dressed. Spencer’s has plenty of funny t-shirts that will make everyone you know crack up and laugh so hard their sides hurt!

            Whether you like to make fun of yourself (a strategy that really can’t go wrong), the powers that be, your pals, or pop culture, it makes sense that you’ll want to showcase your humorous side when it comes to your clothing. No serious suits and ties for you! You can be a walking bumper sticker, able to make strangers’ jaws drop when they check out what you’re sporting. Yes, the same thing applies even if you have to tuck your hilarious tee under a blazer or jacket when it’s chilly out; maybe they’ll just catch a glimpse, but that’ll be enough to put a smile on their face as they walk down the street.

            Of course, humor is subjective, and what’s funny to one person might leave another stone-faced, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? You know what makes you laugh, and you can bring that joy to others, who might try not to but probably can’t help at least chuckling when they see you in a slightly ridiculous shirt. Everyone needs a break from the seriousness of the world once in a while, and a funny tee can offer exactly that, plus can be a pick-me-up for you on a day when you’re feeling not so cheery.