Get the totally awesome look you want without having to stretch out your piercings or even having to get anything pierced at all! At Spencer’s, we have a wide variety of fake body jewelry for you non-pierced guys and girls that allow you to completely change your everyday look with ease. From fake nose rings, septum piercings, earrings, lip rings, and even cartilage rings, we have plenty of styles to choose from.

            What Kinds of Fake Body Jewelry Are There?

            • Earrings
            If you don’t have any real piercings on your ears, Spencer’s has a lot of options for creating a totally real look. From magnetic posts to spring-loaded captive rings, there are so many possibilities. Wear magnetic studs on both of your ears, just one ear, or maybe to try out that second hole piercing you never got. A cuff ring is another type of fake hoop that will give you the appearance of a trendy cartilage piercing either on your upper or middle ear. Wear a fake captive ring as a pair of hoops or place one on your cartilage for a trendy new look. Bonus: Fake captives can sometimes be used on your navel for the appearance of a belly ring!

            • Nose Rings
            Have you always wanted to see what your nose would look like with a little stud but have been unsure about actually keeping it? Try a Fake Nose Stud on! These bad boys stick right on for when you want it and peel right off whenever you’re over it. Want something that will last a little longer? Spring-loaded captive rings and cuffs can sometimes also be worn as nose rings! What about your septum? Ever wonder what that would look like? Try out a fake piercing with one of our cuff septum rings. No piercing means no commitment.

            • Plugs, Tapers, and Spirals
            To re-create the stretched ear look without the commitment, fake plugs, tapers, and spirals are the perfect solution. Fake ear plugs come in a couple of different variations, like as standard earring posts, which are typically 18 gauge, or even as magnetic earrings you can wear if you don’t have your ears pierced. Fake spirals and tapers usually always require a standard ear piercing for you to sport these stylish accessories, but that’s way better than having to wait to slowly stretch out your ear in order to wear real ones!

            • Lip Rings
            To create the illusion of a real lip ring, use either a spring-loaded captive ring or a cuff ring. You can also use the spring-loaded cuff ring for your ears and nose—bonus! Just remember to clean your jewelry with warm soap and water after each use! You’ll have everyone thinking that you’re a badass with a really awesome lip ring.

            Match any of our fake body jewelry with necklaces or rings to really complete your new style! So what are you waiting for? From fake tapers to a fake septum ring, you can discover your new favorite “piercings” at Spencer’s as part of our wide selection of affordable body jewelry.