Captive rings are a staple piece for anyone with any type of piercing. Because captive bead rings are so simple, they come in a wide variety of styles and colors which make them a body jewelry favorite among Pierced Nation. Whether you’re looking to rock a classic silver ring or a gold plated hoop with a cubic zirconia stud as the ball, we have every style combination you could think of.

              What Are Captive Bead Rings?

              Captive bead rings (or CBRs) are one of the most versatile body jewelry pieces. They are a simple, hoop ring with a single bead and threaded closure. The bead keeps the ring closed and makes it easy for the ring to be removed and reinserted.

              Where Do You Wear a Captive Bead Ring?

               Since they can be worn in just about any piercing hole as long as it properly fits, these captives are most often worn as lip rings, earrings, cartilage rings, tragus rings, septum rings, nipple rings, and sometimes as navel rings, nose rings, or even eyebrow rings. Super trendy right now is the daith piercing which is where this simple body jewelry can also be used.

              What Material Are Captive Bead Rings?

              Captive beads rings come in a variety of materials. At Spencer’s, most of our captive rings are made from surgical steel. Surgical steel tends to be one of the most common choices among those with metal allergies. However, keep in mind that everyone’s body reacts differently to various materials.

              What Gauge Are Captive Bead Rings?

              Captive bead rings may vary in size. They are typically either 16 or 18 gauge, so these rings will fit almost any standard piercing. If you’re unsure of your gauge size, please check with your local piercer.

              When looking for a new captive bead ring for your favorite piercing, make sure to check out Spencer’s for the latest trendy body jewelry that will make accessorizing your body a breeze.