Grab your beer, your friends, and some ping pong balls, because it's time to play some beer pong! Let's face it: No party is complete without beer pong, so why not play and join in on the fun? And if you're new to world of beer pong, then don't worry! We've got you covered on everything you need to know about this wonderful drinking game.

              What is Beer Pong?

              Beer pong is a party game that involves beer (or your favorite beverage), cups, ping pongs, and a ping pong table. The cups are usually set up in a triangle of 6 or 10, and filled with a beverage. When a ping pong ball is shot into a cup on the player's side, that player must drink it. Beer Pong (also known as just "Pong") is a game that gives everyone a chance to have fun--because even if you lose, at least you’re getting drunk while you play.

              What are the rules of beer pong?

              While there's the official rules of the World Series of Beer Pong (yes, WSOBP is actually thing), any casual player can make their own house rules. It could be a one-on-one game or teams of two, with each team taking turns shooting the ping pong ball into the cups. If a player sinks in one of the pong balls into a cup, then a player from the other team has to drink the beer in that cup. Once a team makes a shot into the last cup on their opponent's side, that team wins. Beer pong players are allowed, depending on the house rules, to knock away the beer pong balls or defend their cups.

              How do I create a cup pong game with my own beer pong rules?

              Playing casual beer pong or cup pong is all about having fun with ping pong balls and friends. Sure, some might take it a bit seriously, but that doesn't mean you have to! And if you want to have an even better time playing beer pong, then try considering these out-of-the-box rules to get your drinking game started:

              • Add blindfolds: It'll be harder to make a shot when you can't see, but it'll be way more funnier! Keep in mind this could get a bit dangerous if the teams start getting drunk, so sober supervision may be required when you shoot.
              • Mystery drinks: Let another party-goer fill up the cups with (almost) whatever they want, whether that's beer, juice, or an alcoholic cocktail. Is that cup filled with apple juice or beer? Only one way to find out!
              • No turns: Let both teams go at the same time! Chaos and drinking will quickly ensue as balls start flying everywhere!
              • Multiple balls: Double the pong balls, double the fun! If it's two-on-two, let both members of one team shoot at the same time.
              • Strip beer pong: Whenever someone makes a shot, the opposing player has to drink AND take off a piece of clothing!
              • Trick shots only: Sinking it directly into the cup? BO-RING! Implement a 1-bounce or 2-bounce limit for pong balls on the beer pong table and show everyone just how cool your shots can be. Bonus points if it hits the wall or ceiling! 

              Where can I buy beer pong cups and balls?

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