What is a tongue ring?

              A tongue ring is a barbell that decorates the tongue piercing. They’re most commonly 14 gauge in size. Unlike other piercings like a tragus, the tongue is completely made of muscle and pink tissue, and therefore is pierced differently than cartilage. Similar to industrial barbells, jewelry for tongue piercings are threaded, straight barbells, and usually decorated with a ball at each end. Some tongue studs even have small pendants on top, as well.

              What materials are tongue rings available in?

              Much like most body jewelry, tongue rings are often made surgical stainless steel and titanium. Though if you have sensitivity to steel and other metals in jewelry, then acrylic and bioplast barbells and retainers are also available in the world of tongue jewelry. Fancier metals, like gold, are also available as tongue barbells. As for gems, barbells are jeweled with CZ or opalite to give your barbell some extra sparkle.

              What kind of tongue ring should I get?

              An oral piercing is unique because you can selectively show it off, and so it's a great way to show off your own unique personality. Unlike a lip, nose, or eyebrow ring, you can keep your tongue jewelry hidden in your mouth if need be. Whether you just got your first piercing or you’ve been wearing tongue rings for years, it’s always fun to switch things up (as long it's fully healed!). You can choose from cute and playful barbell piercing rings to ones with your favorite characters. With so many tongue rings in all kinds of colors and designs out there, your tongue can be as stylish as the rest of you. You could even take your piercing style to the next level by getting matching rings for your belly and nipple rings, too!

              Should I clean my tongue barbell?

              Absolutely! You should clean your body jewelry regardless of what type it is. Even earrings should be cleaned before going into your ears--and it should be a rule of thumb to make sure that anything is clean before it goes into your mouth or on your tongue. There are ways to clean your barbell both while wearing it and taking it off. Avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes when wearing a tongue ring, and opt instead for a saline oral spray. Though if you're removing it from your tongue piercing, then you can thoroughly clean the barbell. But remember, if you have trouble removing the barbell, don't force it off; visit your piercer and they'll be more than happy to assist you.

              What kind of tongue rings does Spencer's sell?

              Life’s a party from your head to your toes, so Spencer’s wants your body piercing to be as special as you are. Whether you rock an all-black Goth look and want your piercing to match, or pink is your favorite color, we have a matching tongue ring that will make you—and everyone who meets you—smile. You'll find most of our barbells are either 316L surgical steel or acrylic, and we have plenty of jeweled and simple styles to go around. You should get to express yourself, whatever your personality, so we have plenty for you to choose from, including hearts, dice, pop culture characters and so much more. Our tongue piercing jewelry range from glitter to bold colors to your favorite sports teams, and beyond!

              Visit our blog for our complete guide to tongue piercings to learn about the various types and which one might be right for you.

              From classic styles to barbells fit for a rock star, we have them all as part of our extensive selection! If you have a tongue ring, we know you’re already the daring type, so why not treat yourself to new tongue jewelry? And if you’re looking for other types of affordable body jewelry, Spencer’s has everything from nipple, labret and septum rings to plugs, spirals and more!