Pride T Shirts

If you’re gay and want to send a message of empowerment and equality, wearing a gay pride t-shirt is a great way to cheerfully share your identity with the world. Whether or not you’ve come out to everyone you know, you can get a little cheeky with your rainbow clothing, showing off your queerness along with your sense of humor. After gay and lesbian pride isn’t just about a single day or month, but about being utterly true to yourself every day of the year and proving that love wins.

Spencer’s gay pride tees are about more than rainbow flags; they’re cute and let you laugh at yourself as well as society’s expectations and putting a fun spin on the theme of love is love. They’re perfect to wear to your next gay pride parade or just your local gay or lesbian bar with your favorite pair of jeans. We’re lucky to live in a time when the stigma of the past around being gay is lessening, where families, friends, coworkers and communities are supportive when someone they know comes out, cheering them on and wishing them the utmost happiness.

If you’re a little bit snarky, a little bit sassy, along with being completely gay, you can broadcast your own take on queer culture with one of our pride shirts, which are perfect as part of your everyday wardrobe or for the occasional extra fabulous outing.