Creepy Dolls & Figures

30 Inch Good Guys Chucky Doll - Child's Play 2
Bride of Chucky Tiffany Doll
Sam Plush - Trick 'r Treat
Light-Up Sitting Sam Doll - Trick 'r Treat
12 Inch Pennywise Sidestepper Animated Decoration - It
Free Hugz Clown Doll
Spinning Head Harlequin Doll
Mischievous Mandy Zombie Baby
Ravenous Ruby Zombie Baby
Spider Biter Billie Zombie Baby - Decorations
Ronnie the Rebel Zombie Baby
3.1 Ft Poseable Monster Kid Frankie - Decorations
Online Only
3.1 Ft Monster Kid Marty - Decorations
Online Only
3.1 Ft. Monster Kid Wolfie - Decorations
Online Only
3.1 Ft Monster Kid Little Devil - Decorations
Online Only

We all have one of those grandmothers or creepy aunts that have a room just full of baby and life sized dolls, and now you can be like them—but worse! Here at Spencer’s, we have wide selection of scary baby dolls as well as Halloween figures that are sure to turn any room in your house into a haunting experience! Put the haunting of the Conjuring all on display with the Annabelle Doll Prop Replica and frighten everyone that enters the room. When you need the most famous of all creepy dolls, look no further than the Talking Chucky Doll, complete with knife! If you’re just looking to create your own horror figure collection, then the Leatherface Action Figure is a perfect place to start. And no, these Halloween dolls aren’t just for Halloween! No matter what kind of spooky dolls you need to decorate your favorite room, Spencer’s is here to make sure you have every scary doll you can find!