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Why Sex Toys Aren't Just for Women: A Guide to Male Sex Toys

Guys, if you think sex toys are only for women, you're missing out! Sex toys are for anyone who wants to improve their erotic life and get the most out of both masturbation and sexual intimacy with a partner. At Spencer's, we have a wide array of options specifically designed with men in mind. All of these toys are intended to give you an added way of pleasuring yourself, using the latest technology to make sex even more explosive.

Ready to explore uncharted sexual territories? Try starting out with water and splash-proof vibrators.

If you've ever touched a partner's vibrator, you'll know they can be incredibly powerful! Well, they work on penises, too, and can do things that even the most talented human hand can't. If you're curious about what kind of pleasure a vibrator can bring you, consider that the penis has thousands of nerve endings, most of them concentrated in the head! Couple that with a vibe's ability to buzz for as long as you'd like, and you've got the perfect recipe for the utmost in sexual stimulation.

Male masturbators are designed to feel exactly like a woman's vagina or anus, but even better and tighter! These men's sex toys are textured, so they wrap snugly around your penis for the most incredible sensation you can imagine, plus you can be as rough or gentle as you want-they can take it. The great thing about these penis toys is that you get to focus completely on your pleasure. Go ahead, be selfish! Go as fast or slow as you'd like, and indulge in every filthy fantasy your dirty mind can imagine. Anything goes when you plunge inside for the tightest squeeze of your life. You're in charge, and you deserve to feel incredible each and every time.

Anal Plug

If you want to stay harder for longer, whether when you're with a partner or on your own, a cock ring is the perfect erotic addition. They come in vibrating and non-vibrating types, and fit around the base of your penis, staying snug so you get the sensation of tightness and make your erection last longer. We call that a win-win! You can use one on your own or with a partner when you want to prolong your pleasure. Experiment and see what it's like to last as long as you want, then finish when the moment is exactly right. Be sure to follow the instructions and take it off after half an hour.

Some rings go around both the base of the penis and your testicles, for a dual sensation that's perfect for those who crave even more intensity.

When you think about anal sex, you probably imagine being on the giving end of the equation. Yet men's and women's anuses are both extremely sensitive, and when you're touched in that special, intimate area, it can bring the kind of sexual pleasure that just might make the earth move-or at least, make you wonder what you've been missing out on! Just as the head of the penis is ultra-sensitive, so is another spot on the male body: the prostate, or P-spot. It's located in the front of the rectum, and for many guys, even the slightest touch there leads to instant arousal. If you use a vibrating butt plug that's designed to stimulate this area, you'll be free to stroke yourself or simply revel in the sensations. Remember that with any anal toy, lubricant is a must to make sure it's safe and enjoyable.

Purple Cock Ring

Gone are the days when sex toys were something you had to hide away in secret. Now, they're a staple of modern bedrooms, and guys who are ready to get it on and experience all the sexual pleasure they desire know they've got a huge range of options to take their sexual explorations from ho-hum to hot hot-hot! Use them when you're by yourself, or bust them out in the bedroom with your partner to show them exactly what kinds of sexual stimulation work best on you. Whether you use them as a once-in-a-while treat or as a regular part of your naughty repertoire, Spencer's has the best male sex toys around, ones that will leave you with a very happy smile on your face every time you use them!