Spencer’s is your destination for all things festival. From t-shirts to other music festival merchandise, we have everything you to need to create memories that will last a lifetime. Create your dream music festival look with a wide variety of button down shirts, tie dye designs, fringe accents and so much more. Our hydration bags and stylish fanny packs are the perfect accessory for every music festival and will ensure that you always have your essentials with you. We want you to “live your fest life” and that’s why we’re making festival shopping easy. Let the music move you!


For festival fans, music isn’t just something you listen to, it’s a way of life. You plan your whole year around which festivals you’re going to attend, who’s going with you, how you’ll get there, what you’re going to wear, the whole shebang. Festival culture is what you live for, and everything else is background noise compared to the time of year when you get to truly be yourself, dress how you want and experience the thrill of being surrounded by tens of thousands of people who share your tastes and values. Did you know that people travel an average of 903 miles to go to U.S. festivals? That’s true dedication and weeds out those with a fly-by-night interest from those who truly get the vibe.

Given your devotion to your concerts and the whole scene, you want to make sure you’re rocking t-shirts featuring your favorite bands as well as the gear to look extra cool. Spencer’s has everything you need to bring with you to festivals like Coachella, Pitchfork, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch!, SXSW, Riotfest, Burning Man and Lollapalooza. From jewelry, lanyards, knapsacks and wallets to blankets to spread across the grass while you rock out, you’ll be more than ready for the festival frenzy. The only thing we can’t do is make the date of your favorite event come any faster!