Weapons & Props

Chucky Good Guys Hammer - Child's Play
Kids Faux Fur Astrid Axe - How to Train Your Dragon
Sam Lollipop - Trick 'r Treat
Chucky Knife
D.Va Light Gun - Overwatch
Purple Gypsy Crystal Ball
Alien Silver Space Blaster
Black Crow Shoulder Prop
Top Hat Skeleton Staff

You don't want to show up to the Halloween party with a costume that lays flat, pick up our Halloween weapons and props to make sure your outfit is complete. If you are hoping to transform into your favorite character, then you need to make sure you pick up the toy weapon that has them ready for battle. When you are a grim reaper looking for a scythe or a warrior looking for a sword, you can find it hear. Be ready to stand out amongst all the others at the party when you complete your Halloween costume with our weapons and props here at Spencer Gifts.