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Sally Makeup Kit - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tiffany Makeup Kit - Bride of Chucky
Adult Sally Press on Nails - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Harley Quinn Tattoo Set - The Suicide Squad
Mini Temporary Tattoos - 20 Pack
Glitter Everything Glitter Gel
Harley Quinn Press On Nails - Birds of Prey
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Sparkling Sally Makeup Kit - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Harley Quinn Makeup Kit  - Birds of Prey
A Nightmare On Elm Street Makeup Kit
Roll-On Glitter

So you have shopped our tees and picked up a few earrings for your new piercing, now it is time to enhance your already amazing beauty. When you shop our Hair & Beauty selection, you will find all of your day-to-day beauty enhancing items from makeup, hair accessories, and even fragrances. You can pick up things to make your luscious locks stand out like hair color that will pop or maybe simply just some fun hair bows and clips. If you want your face to show off your true personality, then check out our makeup featuring neon, glitter, and other fun colors in eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more. You can put all your new items in one of our cosmetic bags featuring your favorite characters from superheroes to TV shows. Grab a perfume to smell like a DC Comics villain or contact lenses so you can see what it's like to rock blue or brown eyes to really try something new. We are firm believers that everyone is beautiful but if you want a little something extra, look no further than Spencer Gifts for all of your hair and beauty needs.