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Lilo and Stitch Monopoly - Disney
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Stitch Travel Water Bottle - Lilo and Stitch
So Not Ordinary Stitch Lanyard - Lilo & Stitch
Aloha Stitch Cold Cup with Straw and Cubes 16 oz. - Disney
Aloha Stitch Cup with Straw 32 oz. - Disney
Stitch Wild One Lanyard – Lilo & Stitch
Floral Stitch Cup With Straw 20 oz. - Disney

There are six-hundred and twenty six experiments out there and Stitch is sure to want your help finding them all! Here at Spencer’s, we have a wide selection of Lilo and Stitch merchandise that will have you and everyone else yelling out ohana! Rep the most famous experiment of them all across your chest with the Neff Kaual Stitch Scoop Neck T shirt that comes complete with alien language print. Want to look both cute and destructive? Throw on the Stitch Laplander Hat that will make you the perfect ball of wild and loving. If you want to travel all across the galaxy with the cutest team on Disney then carry the Aloha Lilo and Stitch Disney Travel Mug that have both of your favorite characters ready to tag along. For any and all of your experiment finding needs, Spencer’s is here to make sure you have the merchandise for it!