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Costume Socks

Striped Jack Skellington Over The Knee Socks - The Nightmare Before Christmas

You know the saying “the clothes make the man?” Well, here at Spencer’s, we believe that the socks help make the Halloween costume. Sure, they may seem like a minor accessory compared to a full getup, but socks have a way of making a powerful statement for such a small item of clothing. So if you’re a socks lover and need the perfect pair to finalize your costume, you’ve come to the right place.
Spencer’s has dozens of Halloween socks that go perfectly with any pop culture costume so you can dress in character from head to toe, with everything from 3D Sonic knee highs to Suicide Squad, Attack on Titan and Sailor Moon socks. If you’re dressing as Uncle Sam or donning other patriotic gear, our American flag knee socks add some extra red, white and blue appeal. Our fun socks come in a rainbow of colors as well as designs like leopard print and pot leaf. Whether you prefer over the knee, ankle or no show socks, we’ve got them featuring your favorite characters and creative styles.
Or you can simply use Halloween as an excuse to wear the wackiest footwear you own, because after all, when else are you going to wear sexy beer pong socks? Even if you’re normally the barefoot type, consider a pair of socks this year to make your costume truly complete.