How do I wear tapers?

            Tapers are great for stretching your ear to the next size, and they often come with matching plugs to really keep your style intact. But you should keep in mind that tapers aren't really meant to be worn for long periods of time. You're considering getting tapers, there's a lot you should keep in mind. Here are some facts you might not know about wearing tapers:

            • Unlike spiral gauges and pinchers, tapers aren't meant for long-term wear.
            • Tapers are mostly meant to help you stretch your ears to the next side up.
            • Because of the shape, tapers won't be the same size in the front and back of your ear.
            • The inconsistent size will put uneven pressure on your ears, and could change the shape of your ear if you wear them for too long.
            • If you really like the style of tapers, it won't hurt to wear them out for a few hours, but they really shouldn't be worn for longer than that.
            • Even if you're only using them to stretch your ears or wearing them for a very short amount of time, it's important to sterilize and clean them.
            • Never sleep with tapers in!

            Wearing tapers really isn't something that should be done often or for long periods of time. If by chance you wear them too long and they change the shape of your gauges, you may have to wear plugs a size smaller to reshape them. Yeah, it's definitely not fun. So, remember kids! When stretching your ears, make sure to do it the right way and use a handy dandy stretching kit!

            How do I use ear stretching kits?

            Stretching your ears can be a fun and unique way to show off your style, but it's not something that can just happen over night. Stretching your ears, especially if you want a larger size, can take months to happen properly and naturally. Sure, it may take some patience, but it'll definitely be worth it!
            So if you're ready to take the next steps in gauging your ears, then we've got a few handy tips that will really help make the whole process easier. Just keep reading below:

            • Don't try to stretch newly pierced ears; wait until the piercing is completely healed before starting to stretch.
            • Since ears are commonly pierced at 18 gauge, you should start stretching your ears at 16 gauge.
            • Stretch your ears by only ONE size each time. If you skip sizes or stretch too fast, it will cause damage to your ears.
            • Take it slow. You should wait (at the very least) 6 weeks between stretches. To ensure that your ear heals properly and becomes stronger, however, it's recommended to wait about 2-6 months between stretches.
            • Lubricate both your ear and the taper to lessen the friction (and the pain). You can use jojoba oil for this!
            • As your stretching your ear, there shouldn't be any bleeding. If there is, then chances are your skin is tearing—and yes, it's just as painful as it sounds.
            • Don't freak out too hard! Tearing your skin hurts, but chances are you haven't caused permanent damage. Gently remove the jewelry from your ear, and have tissues or paper towels ready to help with the bleeding. Make sure to clean your ear, and wait a few weeks before trying to stretch it again.
            • Once the taper is able to go through your ear, you can slowly pull it out and replace it with a sterilized plug. Don't use an acrylic plug when first stretching, as the material can harbor unwanted bacteria. Surgical steel or glass is best for newly stretched ears!
            • Don't stretch your ears with double-flared plugs; they should only be used with fully healed gauges, and will be practically impossible to get through your newly stretched ears. Your plugs should be single flared or not flared at all.
            • Once your plug is secured safely in your ear, you're good to go! You'll have to wait a few weeks for your ear to fully heal before moving up to the next size, so keep in mind that stretching your ears can become a long process. But taking the time to stretch them correctly will ensure that your ears will heal and become stronger over time. As you can see, there's a lot to stretching ears and making sure to stretch them the right way. If you were to skip sizes or stretch your ear while it's still healing, it could severely damage your ear, to the point where it may not return to its normal shape. Visit our blog The Inspo Spot for more details about gauge sizes and tapers, including how to find the right gauge size for you.

            Where can I buy tapers?

            You can buy tapers in your favorite colors when you shop from our extensive ear gauges, plugs and stretching section. Looking to stretch your ears to the perfect size? Never fear! You can discover your next favorite taper style and color combination with a huge variety of taper sets, from glow in the dark to rainbow print! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro, your ears are sure to thank you when you grab tapers from Spencer’s. They’re part of our wide assortment of stylish and affordable body jewelry to suit every taste and personality.