What are ear stretching kits?

              If you’ve been stretching your ears and are looking to break away from ordinary plugs and tapers, then spirals and pinchers are the way to go. Our ear accessories come in various designs and colors to let you express yourself however you’d like. Our spiral gauges and tapers are just part of Spencer’s wide selection in our ear gauges, plugs and stretching section.

              What are spirals?

              Spirals are exactly what they sound like! They are swirly earrings that work like gauges, but a little more ornate! The spiral shape allows the jewelry to be continuously threaded, so you can stop threading and wear the spiral earrings at any point.

              What are pinchers?

              Pinchers are very similar to spirals. However, the shape is an almost-closed circle with two stoppers. The stoppers provide more closure and security to the earlobes themselves whereas spirals just hang loose.

              What gauge sizes to spirals and pinchers come in?

              It depends on exactly which piece of jewelry you’re looking at since they all vary, but spirals and pinchers are available in just about any size from 00 to 8 gauge. Other styles are sometimes available in even smaller or larger sizes!

              So whether you prefer black pinchers or glow in the dark ear spirals, we can help you achieve your desired look. If you’ve recently stretched your ear and it’s fully healed, you may want to try out new spiral gauge earrings to show off. Our gauge spiral earrings, which come in various sizes, will help you accessorize and give yourself the exact look you want. Match your spiral jewelry to your outfit or let it speak for itself. They’re part of our huge assortment of body jewelry so you can always look your best.