Birthday Stuff To Wear

Red Light Up Birthday Babe Sash
21 Finally Legal Cuff Snap Bracelet
21 & Ready For Fun Birthday Sash

It’s your birthday, so how better to celebrate than with a Spencer’s sash, shirt or tiara honoring you getting another year older? After all, it’s the one day and night of the year that’s all about you! Go ahead, be as wild and crazy as you like, whether you’re turning 21 (hello birthday shots!) or 50. We know you’re not the type to sit back and demurely dine in a corner when you could be basking in the spotlight, so we’ve gathered the best birthday accessories around so you can splash out in style. Even if you’re a quiet type, your friends will surely want to turn you into a birthday star by putting a Birthday Babe Tiara on you!
If it’s your 21st birthday and you’re excited to hit the bars and celebrate hitting the legal drinking age, you want to make sure everyone around you is partying right alongside you (and perhaps buying you a round when they spot your shot glass necklace spelling out just how old you are). Put on your new Legally Drunk sunglasses, which may be the only thing you can remember the next morning!
Go all out with your bday accessories; they’re much more fun than wearing your birthday suit, and will make you the center of attention at any club, bar, restaurant or party. You’ve got the other 364 days of the year to blend in; on your birthday, do your best to stand out and let everyone toast to you. If you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift, your friend will be touched that you want to honor them in a fun, goofy way.