Do you ever get the urge to take a road trip? Getting to your destination after being cooped up in planes, trains, and automobiles is great, but there’s something thrilling about the process of traveling.

When you stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, grab a quick meal at a diner packed with locals, or take a downtown stroll in a city where no one knows your name, you’re bound to see and hear things that will forever shape your worldview.

We love that traveling brings us warm beaches and astonishing architecture, but nothing beats the simple act of people-watching in a brand new city. What do you see when you look around? In New York City, you might see smart suits and trendy streetwear. In Los Angeles, you’re bound to catch a glimpse of easy denim skirts, crop tops, and maybe even roller skates where shoes should be.

Look a little closer. What do you think that tattoo represents? How do the girls in Miami keep their hair looking so sleek? What’s the name of that cool body piercing?

As you may know, we’re kind of obsessed with body jewelry at Spencer’s. We were itching to know more about the piercing trends in every major city, so we did some research. What we found might just surprise you!

New York City: Constellation Piercings

Constellation piercings are in high demand in the Big Apple. Named for their resemblance to starry skies, these multi-piercing styles are ideal for those who like to wear several pieces of jewelry at once. Small, dainty stud earrings, hoop earrings, and cartilage barbells complement each other well in constellation piercings. We can only imagine how dazzling a constellation piercing would look beneath the lights of Times Square!

Miami: Belly Button Piercings

Miami is known for its turquoise-blue waves, but it’s also a hot spot for belly button piercings. Considering its year-round sunny skies, it comes as no surprise that Miami is a popular beach (and bikini) destination. Belly button rings and bikinis get along swimmingly, and we love to see it.

Chicago: Nose Piercings

Chicago is bursting with flavorful cuisine and live music. It makes perfect sense, then, that nose piercings are favored by its fun-loving residents. Nostril piercings, nasallang piercings, and even multiple nostril piercings are as numerous as hot dog joints in this bustling city.

Los Angeles: Daith Piercings

L.A. natives are pioneers of fashion. Because the weather is practically perfect year-round, Angelenos can get away with wearing edgy combos like wide-leg jeans with bikini tops. Just as their choices in art and fashion tend to be unique, so are their body jewelry preferences. The daith piercing, a stylish ear piercing in the innermost fold of the ear cartilage, is trending big time in L.A.!

Dallas: Earlobe Piercings

Dallas is known for its somewhat traditional values, but it’s full of fashion-forward residents. Dallas natives are masters of combining crisp, timeless outfits with cutting-edge trends like high-heeled cowboy boots and oversized sunglasses. When it comes to piercings, many Dallas residents like to keep it simple. Earlobe piercings are their preferred method of showing off big, dangly earrings and dainty pearl studs.

Nashville: Tragus Piercings

Nashville isn’t just a popular destination for bachelorette parties. It’s home to some of the world’s most popular music destinations, including the Country Music Hall of Fame. Nashville residents are filling their ears with more than good tunes, though! The tragus piercing, a piercing that penetrates the cartilage over the ear canal, has become increasingly popular here.

San Antonio: Labret Piercings

Whether you’re strolling along the 15-mile River Walk or touring the Alamo, you’re bound to experience art, fashion, and rich history in San Antonio. The labret piercing has been topping the trend charts in San Antonio, and we think this striking lower-lip piercing looks great against the Texas sunset.

Philadelphia: Septum Piercings

Nothing about Philly is boring, and its body jewelry trends are no exception. The septum piercing, a piercing that penetrates the soft tissue between the nostrils, is a popular pick in this stunning city. Philadelphia combines grit and grace better than any other city, and we think this piercing suits its residents perfectly.

Next time you hit the road, take some time to appreciate the little things! Walk into a trusted piercing shop, and ask about what the locals are into. No matter which body piercing you come home with, Spencer’s will have the best body jewelry for you.

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