Gone are the days when venturing to a mall kiosk to get your earlobes pierced made you feel infinitely cool. In 2021, customization is king (or queen). We’re talking about layering, arranging, and stacking your piercings in ways that are totally unique to you. And it’s not just multiple ear piercings that are totally trend-worthy. Piercings below the neckline reign supreme too.

Here’s your roadmap to the trendiest piercings of 2021.

Your Ear Piercing Just Got a Glow Up

What’s the secret to curating your ear piercings perfectly? Remembering that no areas of the ears are off limits. From stacked lobes and industrials to orbitals and conches, think of your ear as the ultimate blank canvas.

“We’re seeing a lot of stacking on the ear and wearing multiple pieces at once. Lots of people are flaunting their industrial, tragus, daith, and more. Cartilage piercings are a great way to make bold statements no matter the environment! They can be ‘traditional’ and dressed up with classic cubic zirconia or delicate clusters. Or, they can be loud with hoops, dangles, and twisting barbells,” Spencer’s piercing team explained.

Jason Riley, a professional piercer and owner of High Rollers Tattoo Studio in West Chester, PA, speculates that this trend is gaining traction because of piercing newbies.

“Non-traditional ear piercings are a way for piercing virgins to dip their toes into body modification with a certain level of restraint. A lot of the time they can be hidden if need be but they still represent something out of the norm,” he explained.

Thinking about trying the look? Jay explains that these ear piercings are accompanied by a modicum of pain.

“When getting pierced, just concentrate on your breathing,” he suggests. “Slow and steady in through your nose and out through your mouth.”

If you want to be edgy without the pain, single lobe earrings or mismatched dangles are on the rise.

“Just when you thought the 80s were gone, this trend popped back up! From K-Pop stars to social media influencers, single ear dangles are a huge trend right now,” said Spencer’s piercing team.

Nipples Are In!

Another piercing trend that is super hot for 2021 are nipple piercings. If you have a rebellious streak, this piercing may be perfect for you.

Stars like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid all have been caught flaunting this flirty piercing.

“Nipple piercings have been on the rise for the past few years,” the Spencer’s piercing team commented. “The popularity can be initially attributed to celebrities. It’s ‘edgy’ and ‘wild’ but also allows wearers to hide it if they like. It’s a personal piercing, something that can be special for yourself. Alternatively, it’s something that can be shown with a mesh top, for example, as a statement piece. It really allows you to show your personality in whatever way you choose!”

For a comfy, everyday wear, nipple rings, horseshoes, barbells, and captive bead rings work great. To spice things up, the Spencer’s piercing team suggests nipple shields that can make your piercing a true statement piece. Barbells with chains are also a popular option.

The Return of the Navel

Are you ready for a total throwback? The navel piercing trend is on the rise for 2021! With crop tops on the up and up, a little belly bling is necessary. However, 2021 belly button rings are not as sparkly as their early 2000s predecessors. Instead, the trend is minimalistic and muted gold hoops.

“Navel piercings are a great way to show off personal style. Especially in the warmer months. They’ve been a staple for years for a reason,” said the Spencer’s piercing team.

No matter which piercing trend you decide to try out, it’s critical to always get it done by a professional to minimize risks.

“Do your research! Find a well-established shop with a good reputation in your area. Let them know about any allergies or conditions you may have that will either affect the piercing process or your ability to heal properly,” said professional piercer Riley.

After your appointment, your piercer will explain the best aftercare routine for your new piercing. But a general rule of thumb is to cleanse with saline solution as it’s healing.

Now that you know what’s trendy for 2021, go get pierced!