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If you spend most of your time scrolling through BookTok instead of back-to-school shopping, you’ve come to the right place. Find out which stylish backpack is perfect for you based on your favorite romance book trope! These backpacks will hold all of your newest book obsessions and *alll* the emotional baggage that comes with them.

Friends to Lovers

Obviously, two people can be friends without liking each other, but wouldn’t it be perfect if they just…fell in love? Friends to lovers features two characters who start with a strong yet painfully platonic bond that eventually grows into a romance of epic proportions. If this is your favorite book trope, you’re probably a hopeless romantic who daydreams about a Joey x Dawson type of love. You’re a timeless lover! 

Slow-Burn Romance

You’re 100 pages in, and the obviously-perfect-for-each-other-but-doesn’t-realize-it-yet couple hasn’t kissed yet. That point where you want to throw your book across the room? Yep, that’s a slow burn. In a slow-burn romance trope, it takes the characters a considerable amount of time to grow their romantic connection, building tension that keeps us up at night. If this is your favorite book trope, you’re probably into strong emotional bonds and weeks and weeks of built-up sexual tension. Do we blame you? No.

Fake Dating

What’s dating without all the anxiety and added pressure? Fake dating. In the fake dating book trope, an outside force requires two characters to “date.” Whether it’s to convince your BFF that you’re over an ex or you need a faux wedding date, these two characters inevitably (eye roll) end up falling for each other. It usually gets messy when the line between what’s real and what’s not becomes blurred amongst budding feelings, so if you have a flare for the dramatic, this trope is definitely for you.

Grumpy x Sunshine

One character is cold with a tough exterior to crack; the other is impossibly happy, outgoing, and probably the physical representation of sunshine. Do they make for the perfect couple? Duh. The grumpy character hates everyone except for the sunshine character, who seems to be the only person capable of melting their otherwise icy exterior. If this is your favorite trope, you feel that opposites attract, and you don’t mind clashing personalities because you know that true love always prevails. Such a hopeless romantic!

Enemies to Lovers

We all know there’s a thin line between love and hate…right? Enemies to lovers means that two characters who start as rivals, mortal enemies, or just two people who could never, ever possibly like one another, end up falling in love. Full of miscommunication, unbearable tension, and undeniable burning chemistry, this trope is for those who want a little *spice* in their life. If this is your favorite book trope, you need someone whose flirting style is filled with banter and sarcasm but ultimately accepts you for all your flaws and chooses to love you anyway.

Close Proximity

Whether it’s a snowstorm, a group project, or a shared cubicle at work, these two characters are somehow forced to spend tons of time together (and they probably hate it…at first). Due to their forced closeness, strong feelings and connections can blossom without all the added pressure of admitting you like someone. If this is your favorite book trope, your love language is probably quality time, and you don’t open up to just anyone. In a relationship? You’re definitely the clingy one.

Star-Crossed Lovers

What’s stronger than the rush of falling in love? How about falling in love when you know it’s wrong? C’mon, there’s nothing hotter than forbidden love. Call it family rivalry, misfortune, or cosmic forces beyond their control, star-crossed lovers are tragically doomed from the start. If this is your favorite book trope, you’re probably a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie who’d do anything for the right person.

Love Triangle

You’ll need a big bag to hold all the baggage this trope brings. With that being said, who wouldn’t want to be at the center of a Jacob x Edward x Bella love triangle?? This trope usually involves two love interests pining for one main character. Never short of drama, chemistry, and sexual tension, you’ll be on the edge of your seat until the main character makes a decision (if they ever do). If this is your favorite trope, you probably like to keep things interesting in your relationships and wouldn’t mind multiple people being in love with you.

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