No, your death-related dreams don’t mean you’re going to die.

Do you ever have a dream you can’t get out of your head? One that feels like the universe is trying to tell you something? You’re not alone! We can all agree that dreams are strange and unusual sometimes.

Analyzing sleep behavior can give insight into your everyday life and mental psyche. We may not know precisely why or how we dream, but sometimes we can interpret what a dream might be trying to tell us. From your teeth falling out to being naked in public, we’re covering it all here (pun intended).

Here are 10 of the most common dreams and what they might mean.

1. Falling

Falling might be one of the most commonly reported dreams when it comes to dream interpretation. Whether you’re falling in an elevator, down the stairs, or off a cliff, these dreams can be jolting and alarming, even after you wake up. So, what does this mean?

If you dream of falling, you might be feeling powerless in your waking life. This could mean a lack of control, feelings of insecurity, or a lack of support from others in some aspect of your life. There’s likely something weighing on your mind and inner psyche that you need to work through!

2. Death

There’s almost nothing more unsettling to dream about than death; death-related dreams do not mean you will die in your waking life. It can actually portray a positive shift, or change, in some aspect of your life. Maybe a new job opportunity or a spontaneous move!

To dream of yourself or a loved one dying could indicate some self-rebirth or positive change coming into your life. If you’ve been feeling stuck or stagnant recently, don’t stress! A fresh start is on the way.

3. Sex

To dream about sex is 100% normal and indicates a natural, healthy sexual libido. Sex dreams are nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about! But what do these dreams mean (apart from the obvious)?

Of course, a sexy dream about your crush can represent an unfulfilled desire to be physically close to them, but it can also mean a longing for emotional closeness, loneliness, and a desire for attention. Your in-dream sex partner may even possess specific characteristics that you subconsciously want to adapt in your own life, sexually or not, so pay attention to all the gory details!

4. Cheating on a Partner

To dream about cheating on a partner, or a partner cheating on you, can leave you feeling upset and confused. But does this actually mean your partner is cheating on you or that you subconsciously want to cheat on them? The short answer is no. Dreams involving infidelity often indicate some form of self-guilt, anxiety, or fear.

To dream about cheating on your partner might mean feeling insecure and anxious about your relationship or something in your everyday life. If you dream about your partner cheating, you might feel scared of abandonment.

More often than not, having an open and honest conversation with your partner can help unpack these feelings!

5. Teeth Falling Out

What’s more stressful than your teeth falling out?! This dream theme has many interpretations and possible meanings, but each stems from high stress.

To dream about your teeth falling out suggests you may feel embarrassed, self-conscious, or experiencing a loss in your waking life. A job loss, struggling self-esteem, or even losing a relationship or friendship could cause these dreams.

Another interpretation says that a dream about your teeth falling out represents an unconscious fear of getting old.

6. Naked in Public

You’re on a first date, and everything is going well until… you look down and realize your clothes have left the building. We’ve all been there, but why? To dream about being naked in public has little to do with ACTUALLY wanting to be naked in public and more to do with feeling embarrassed, exposed, or wrongly accused of something.

These dreams could encourage you to find a way to be more confident and self-assured in your waking life. Spend less time worrying about how others perceive you or being embarrassed about something silly! Maybe you have a big presentation at work, or you’re worrying about a final for one of your classes.

7. Being Chased/Running Away

Whether you’re being chased by someone you know, an animal, or a madman, these dreams can be scary and frustrating. However, dreaming of being chased may have a more straightforward meaning than you think.

Is there a problem you’re avoiding in your waking life? Something you might be “running” from? Generally, these dreams represent anxiety, avoidance, and/or feeling stuck.

As if being chased wasn’t stressful enough, have you ever had a dream where you’re trying to run and can’t seem to move your legs? You’re stuck. This specific dream variation suggests that you feel helpless or unable to solve whatever problem you’re going through in your waking life.

8. Missing an Important Test or Meeting

These dreams often occur when you’re presented with an event that could strongly impact your future. Whether you’ve got a final exam or an important job interview, your mind is (understandably!) swirling around every possible scenario. To dream of being late to an important test or meeting just means that it holds a lot of weight in your waking life! You might be nervous, stressed, or feeling unprepared.

9. Flying

To dream of flying can signify a sense of freedom, new beginnings, and moving on. You might have left a situation where you were feeling held back. This is a sign of bigger and better things to come!

Dreaming of flying in an airplane may be your conscious mind trying to convince you to let go of a current situation that’s out of your control. Whether you’re stressing about work, school, or life in general, this one may just need to work itself out.

10. Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy is a huge life milestone that symbolizes change, new responsibilities, and growth. To dream of getting pregnant, or being pregnant, can represent many things. Firstly, it’s a sign that some aspect of yourself is developing and growing in your waking life.

On a more basic level, if you’re trying to get pregnant, your subconscious mind could be manifesting this through your dreams. On the other hand, if you’re not trying to get pregnant, this dream theme can symbolize fear, stress, and anxiety surrounding getting pregnant/ assuming new responsibilities.

More Dream Information and Dream FAQs

Why do we dream?

Researchers and scientists alike are still unsure of the purpose dreams play in our lives, however, many have their own beliefs and theories about why we dream. Whether it’s to do with your unconscious mind, memories, or just your brain getting creative, we may never know!

Does everyone dream?

The short answer is: YES! Though we might not remember all of our dreams, everyone experiences dreaming. In fact, most people have at least 3-6 dreams a night!

Why don’t we remember all of our dreams?

Our brains tend to focus on intentional thinking and learning, and dreams happen to be the opposite of that! This means they sometimes are more likely to be forgotten in our busy brains. Keeping a dream journal by your bedside and recording your dreams as soon as you wake up is a great way to track and remember your dreams.

What are lucid dreams and how can they happen?

Lucid dreams happen when you are aware that you’re dreaming while you’re asleep. The dream may feel vivid and engaging, yet you are aware that these events aren’t really happening. Keeping a dream diary and being mindful of your dreams can increase your chances of lucid dreaming.

How long does the average dream last?

An average dream lasts anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Because we dream several times a night, this length of time can reach up to two hours in the span of one night’s sleep!

Why do we have nightmares?

Nobody likes nightmares. They are stressful, upsetting, and can mess with the quality of your sleep. It’s widely believed that nightmares can be influenced by high stress, anxiety, or even watching a scary movie before bed.

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