Everybody’s been there before: You’re hungry, but you don’t want to order out again. You need to save some money, but it’s too much fun to spend it. You go to the freezer but you’ve already eaten all the bagel bites. Then, you remember that holy meal that has fed the hungry, broke 20-something-year-olds since 1958, and tastes SO good: Instant Ramen Noodles.

If there’s one thing we know about Ramen Noodles, it’s that everybody has a preference for how the delicious and affordable soup is prepared. Whether you dress yours up with chicken and hot sauce or tofu and soy sauce, we know your palate is passionate. But what if we told you that your Ramen preferences say something about your personality?

While you wait for your pot to boil, check out what your favorite Ramen flavors, proteins, and extras say about you!

Ramen Flavors

Chicken – Smart, sharp, and consistent. You are the type of person that people want advice from because they can trust you. Your friends love you for both your goofy side and your serious side. Living life on the edge isn’t something you particularly love, but you do enjoy taking the occasional risk. All in all, you’re a social person who is honest and reliable. 

Beef – People love to be around you. You’re funny and charismatic. When you tell a story, the whole room is engaged and invested. Your friends are the most important thing to you, and you would do anything for them. You have a messy room, but you have your life together. You’re sensitive, but you never let it show because you’re usually too busy having fun. 

Chili –The life of the party. Everybody wants to be your friend because of your spicy personality. Although you joke a lot, you worry about the future (mainly because you are so happy in the present). You love animals, and probably have more than one pet at home. You’re a loyal and passionate person, making it super easy to love you!

Shrimp – Kind, sweet, and caring. You love to help people with their problems and make them feel good about themselves. You have amazing instincts and always seem to make the right decisions. You are a deep thinker and feel at peace when you are outdoors. In day-to-day life, you prefer having a routine and staying organized.

Ramen Proteins

Pork – Social butterfly and party animal. You love anything that gets you and your friends together. Not many things are going to stop you from keeping your outgoing and positive mindset. You make the best of every situation. You’re Instagram bio probably includes the quote, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time!” because you always embrace the present.

Chicken – Balanced and open-minded. You are a versatile person who can’t be pinned down by a single character trait. You are someone who is willing to try new things but doesn’t like permanent change. You have a strong and confident personality that people are attracted to.

Egg – Creative and family first. You love traditions and staying connected with relatives. Creativity is strong, as you probably love cooking, art, and music. Although you enjoy going out, your favorite nights are spent watching a movie with a couple of friends. Everybody wants to be friends with you, but you keep a pretty tight group by your side.

Tofu – A confident problem solver. Although sometimes you feel small, you are always trying to make the world a better place! You’re sensitive, but you try not to show it, even though, sometimes you do. You fall in love easily, but you don’t let relationships dictate your overall happiness.

Ramen Extras

Hot Sauce – Thrilling, energized, and adventurous. Concerts and parties are your favorite way to spend a night. You’re creative and enjoy thinking about what life will bring you next! 

Soy Sauce – Once a dreamer, always a dreamer. Your goal in life is to travel as much as possible. You are already very cultured at this point in your life, but you never want to stop learning.  Reach for the stars, soy sauce!

Scallions – A curious and critical thinker. You are a genuine and sincere person that’s always trying to think outside the box.

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