Thinking about starting a vinyl record collection? We highly recommend it. Believe it or not, vinyl is still alive and well. Although apps like Apple Music and Spotify have taken digital music to a whole new level, nothing will ever beat the limitless possibilities inside a record store. Not to mention, vinyl has some serious advantages over MP3. We’re here to explain everything that makes vinyl so unique. Once you’re done reading, we guarantee you’ll be sprinting to the nearest music shop. Break out that dusty, old record player and get ready to jam!

The Buying Experience

Music streaming services have made us lazy. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But back in the day, half the fun of music was going on the hunt for it. The feeling you get when you walk into a record store is thrilling, especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Colorful album covers, thousands of hours of jams, and the feeling that you might strike gold on the perfect record all add to the excitement. That’s what makes shopping for vinyl so great. It’s truly an experience.

Try purchasing a record you’ve never heard before. Buy an album with a cool cover. Expand your music knowledge. There’s a chance the album isn’t for you, but there’s also a chance it could change your life. You never know.

When you get home and you lay that track down on your record player, you’ll know the process was worth it. Whether you bought an all-time classic or an album you found at the bottom of the bin, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the payoff.

Albums Are Collectible

There are several reasons why vinyl records are commonly collected. First of all, the cover artwork is much more striking. You can display it. You can feel it. It’s a beautiful, physical piece of art versus a tiny little image you can barely see on your phone. When you look through someone’s record collection, you can learn a lot about the person.

It’s also collectible because it’s often released in small batches. They’re originals. Something that only a few people have. Not only does that drive up the cost but also the sentimental value.

The Listening Experience

Shopping for vinyl is a very unique experience, but listening to vinyl is truly unmatched. Vinyl records have many advantages over mp3. The quality is rich, warm, and alive. There’s so much more depth and feel compared to digital music. Plus, that very faint static before the first track comes on is enough to give anyone goosebumps (the good kind).

Outside of quality, vinyl is just more fun to listen to. It turns an album into a book. Something that you ingest from front to back. It’s more than just music. Each album is an adventure.

10 of our Favorite Vinyl Records

Now that we’ve turned you on to vinyl music, let us give you a few recommendations. These ten albums are legendary, but they’re even better on vinyl. Keep an eye out next time you hit the record store. You won’t regret it!

  • Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division (1979)
  • Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin (1969)
  • Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads (1983)
  • Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones (1971)
  • Ten by Pearl Jam (1991)
  • Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd (1973)
  • Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen (1975)
  • The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars by David Bowie (1972)
  • Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)
  • Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by Wu-Tang Clan (1993)

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