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Searching for love this Valentine’s Day? Cupid is ready to aim – and trust us, he never misses. Whether you’re committed, crushin’ hard, or just excited for the next-day discounted candy, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give some extra lovin’ to those special people in your life, especially yourself.

Valentine’s Day falls under the Aquarius season. Sure, you might be thinking, “Out of all the signs, why Aquarius?” Well, hear us out. We know they are often branded as detached, aloof, and entirely unconventional, so is this really the best sign to get us in a lovey-dovey mood? The answer is yes! Who else will spark your inner rebellion to think outside the (chocolate) box this V-Day? This fixed sign knows precisely what they want.

BTW, consider this your sign to ditch the flowers and get them something a little more… fun this Valentine’s Day.


You’re catching feelings, aren’t you, Aries? Passionate and fiery, you’re going to get straight to the point about what you want this Valentine’s Day. If single, you may be in the mood to tell your secret crush how you ACTUALLY feel. If you’re in a relationship, you’re probably feeling like you want to express that ambitious side in the bedroom. Meeeow.


Cupid thinks you’re falling head over heels this Valentine’s Day, Taurus. When you’re crushin’ on someone, you totally show it. If single, you have confidence that you’ll find a great person…not just good. If you’re in a relationship, you’re expecting your lover to go above and beyond this holiday. We’re talking Valentine’s Day gift baskets, cozy gifts, and of course a toy or two.


Commitment might not be your thing, Gemini, but who knows? Maybe you’ll meet the one this Valentine’s Day. You are the talk of the signs this V-Day (we sense some secret crushes!). If single, you don’t pay much mind to the people gushing over you, as you don’t see any of them as long-term relationships. However, if you’re in a relationship, you’re totally love-locked on your partner and only have eyes for them.


This Valentine’s Day will be spent the same way you celebrated last year; surrounded by the people you love most. If single, you probably prefer to be snuggled up at home doing face masks and self-love mantras with your fur babies. If you’re in a relationship, you’re planning a romantic night that will end with MAJOR fireworks.


You’re feeling yourself this Valentine’s Day, Leo. You have your sights set on someone new, and know exactly how you will get them. If you are single, you’re searching for someone committed, honest, and caring about your feelings. If you’re in a relationship, you must focus on loving yourself as much as you love your significant other. Go get ’em, tiger!


You’ll do anything to please your lover Virgo. And we mean, anything. If single, you’re hoping to find someone as ambitious as you are to spend your Valentine’s Day with. If you’re in a relationship, it’s getting HOT tonight. You want to give your partner the night of their life (and you will).


Daydreaming about your valentine again, Libra? You LOVE love, and it shows! You’re totally glowing this Valentine’s Day, and we’re here for it. The stars say you’ll be lucky in love if you keep your options open. Don’t forget to look past the rose-colored glasses, as there may be someone unexpected coming forward with declarations of love and lust!


It’s hard not to feel the love during this time of the year. After all, you were conceived during Valentine’s Day, Scorpio. Your mysteriously sexy ways are even more irresistible this month, and you know it. If you’re single, you’re looking for a little light-hearted fun. If you’re in a relationship, you’re in the mood to spice things up big time. Maybe plan a sexy date to get you both in the mood? We think strolling through a sex shop, visiting a sex museum, or going to an erotic art gallery sounds amazing.

Remember, V-Day sex = Scorpio babies. Do what you will with that information.


Adventurous in all areas of your life, romance is no different, Sagittarius. You’ll ensure your special someone gets everything they crave this V-Day, but not without having some serious fun. If single, you’ll probably use humor to ease the minds of your love-seeking friends. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll spend your night cuddled up watching your favorite rom-coms with your lover.


You always seem to make the right decisions, Capricorn (and we love you for it) but try to let loose this Valentine’s Day! You deserve it. Try something out of the ordinary like speed dating. If single, try flirting with someone you usually aren’t interested in. If you’re in a relationship, plan a thrill-seeking date and follow it up with some thrill-seeking sex!


It’s your season, Aquarius, and I guess that makes you the love doctor? You’re ready to let that lovey-dovey side shine. If single, you’ll probably find yourself dancing around the kitchen, baking cookies, and scream-singing your fave songs. If you’re in a relationship, you’re not afraid to splurge on your partner (major hearts eyes!). People find your confidence super attractive.


You feel like you’ve been waiting forever for this day, as you are a true romantic. Love is in the air, and you’re ready to make someone very happy this V-Day. If single, you’ll be looking for someone to spend the night with, embracing the magic of Cupid. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll star gaze and talk about big dreams with the one you love.

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