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Ah, it’s that time of the year again where your schedule is getting back to normal and you can actually take a deep sigh of relief—and spend some much-needed alone time with your S.O.! In fact, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to make your partner feel as special as ever with February 14th right around the corner.

Sure, Valentine’s Day has its own staples that everyone knows: greeting cards, chocolates, and cute, little stuffed animals that somehow always end up in the back of your closet. But c’mon, is that really what it’s all about? We didn’t think so! And to get a better understanding of just how Valentine’s Day is going to look in 2019, we did a survey of our own to figure out exactly how everyone plans to spread some love this V-Day.

To Celebrate or Not Celebrate?

Obviously, before we could get into detail, we needed to know just how many of you lovers out there were planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day at all—and the results were actually quite heartwarming! A whopping 78% of people confirmed they’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, so love definitely isn’t dead. When asked about their feelings in general towards the holiday, the most popular answer was “I friggin’ love it!” with 51% admitting they can’t get enough love.

In fact, 89% of lovers will go on a date with their S.O. this Valentine’s Day. As far as going out or staying in, 44% will brave the cold for a night out on the town, while 45% will stay in and get cozy (or steamy) with their boo. So the answer seems pretty clear: no matter how you want to celebrate, there are plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day all the more special!

Shopping and Sexpectations

We got down and dirty with Valentine’s Day shoppers to see who they’re shopping for and what they’re buying. Not surprisingly, 73% plan to buy their S.O. a gift—which is a good thing, since 52% of respondents said they expect tangible gifts. When it comes to disappointing presents, 58% of people said the worst gift was no gift at all—so even if you think things will be “fine” if you don’t get your lover a gift, you may want to give them a little surprise anyway.

When it comes to cash, more than half of shoppers plan to spend $50-$200 on Valentine’s Day. When asked what they will spend the most on, the number one answer (33%) was spending money on a date. The second highest response was sex toys or intimate products, which even beat out jewelry, candy, flowers, and clothing. And honestly? We totally get it. The candy and flowers won’t last nearly as long.

When it comes to sex-related products, the faves for V-Day gifts are lingerie at 35%, closely followed by sex toys (like a dildo or vibrator) at 33%. Lotions and lubricants slide into the third spot at 31%—pun intended.

Valentine's Day Infographic

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Look, we get it: Valentine’s Day just isn’t for everyone. For those who aren’t celebrating, the majority stated that they’re going to treat the holiday just like any other day. The second-most popular answer was to treat yo’ self to something special—and that definitely made us smile! Loving yourself is just as important as loving others, so why not be your own date this V-Day? You could even gift yourself something special, which is just how 27% of respondents plan on celebrating. And if you really want to love yourself, then there’s always the option of buying yourself a sex toy—which, by the way, 37% of those who have ever bought a sex toy for Valentine’s Day bought it for selfish reasons!

Ready for Romance?

Honestly, are any of us ever really ready? Thankfully, V-Day isn’t arriving for another few weeks, so you still have some time to brainstorm the perfect present for your S.O. From a fancy dinner date to staying in and ordering takeout, there are lots of ways to celebrate this special day of love. And, if our survey results have revealed anything, it’s that an intimate toy may just be the perfect after-date surprise. 😘

If you’d like to find out more about the survey we conducted, check out our super cool infographic below.

Oh, and happy V-day from all of us at Spencer’s!


Valentine's Day Infographic


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