F&*% yeah! You did it! You made it through 2020. Whether you baked subpar sourdough bread, hosted virtual game nights, or spent way more time with your dog than you’d ever imagined would be necessary, you found a way to endure a doozy of a year.

At Spencer’s, we survived 2020 with a little humor and a lot of curiosity. We love to explore new trends, find the perfect gifts for our friends, and most of all, we are determined to have fun. Our blog showcases all of that and more.

In case you missed them, here are our favorite blogs from our least favorite year!

Shawn Houlihan, Content Supervisor

TREND ALERT: How to Wear Lingerie in Public

I LOVE this post because it’s super trendy and it really showcases our lingerie in a different way. I love that it shows how sexy lingerie can be in and out of the bedroom.

Pole Dancing 101: Fitness and Intimacy using Stripper Poles

I’m super into this post because fitness and dancing are two things I really enjoy. I’ve always wanted to take a pole dancing class, and I know a lot of people that have had great success stories with body appearance and overall confidence. I like that this blog embraces the sexy and fun part of working out.

Brandon Cintron, Copywriter

Music Lover Gift Guide 2020

As a music lover, I enjoy this blog because I could definitely see myself getting something from this list. Even though we do gift guides each year, I thought this one was particularly funny and featured good products.

Stressed? These 9 Wellness Products Will Help You Get Your Zen On

We all know this year was pretty stressful. I think this blog came at a great time and is something people were definitely looking for being stuck inside so much.

Veronica Stranahan, Copywriter

What the LGBTQ Pride Flags Mean

I love this post! As an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community, it’s my responsibility to learn about all expressions of pride.  I had no idea that magenta, royal blue, and lavender make up the Bisexual pride flag before reading this blog post. It’s just as beautiful as it is meaningful.

What Your Ramen Noodle Preferences Say About Your Personality

Spot on. Now I know that there’s a strong correlation between my love of chicken flavored ramen and my friends asking me for advice all the time.

Rachel Kramer Bussel, Copywriter

How to Find Your Perfect Personal T Shirt Style

I have a newfound appreciation for t shirts in all their variety after reading this post. It made me remember I can wear them even when it’s not summer. Inspired by this post, I’ve been gathering my favorite tees and sweaters for my winter wardrobe.

What Your Ramen Noodle Preferences Say About Your Personality

When it comes to food, I say, the spicier, the better. So this ramen noodle personality test nailed my interests, and definitely made me hungry!

Tyler Douris, Copywriter

How to Go to a Bar and Never Buy a Drink

This article had me sucked in just from the title. Shawnee did a great job writing this conversational blog. Who doesn’t like getting free drinks? The writing doesn’t push you to buy anything, and I think that is why this article is so effective. Her personality comes out in this blog and that’s always a good thing.

Best Gamer Gifts Guide 2020

I’m a gamer myself, and I was pumped to see that Brandon was writing about some of the games that I love. Brandon is a versatile writer and he definitely nailed this blog. Every year, the most exciting part of Christmas is unwrapping that new video game you’ve been waiting for. Now our readers know that they can get merchandise to match their favorite games.

Stay tuned for more blog content that will make you laugh, turn you on, and inspire you in 2021!