Who do you call when you’re in trouble? Who’s the first person you text when you can’t stop laughing at a meme? Who can you clearly communicate with from across a crowded room using only facial expressions? It’s your best friend, duh!

Best friends are like family members that you get to choose. If you’re fortunate enough to have a bestie, then you know how important it is to thank them for their love and loyalty. A hug and a handwritten note can go a long way in making your ride-or-die feel valued. But if you really want to speak your BFF’s love language, consider giving them a small gift!

Don’t worry; a great gift doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve collected a few of our favorite gifts under $20 that we know your best friend will love.

Still not sure that a gift is the right move on this National Best Friends Day? Here are 5 good reasons to bust out the gift wrap:

  1. Doing nice things for others may lead to a boost in serotonin, the “feel good” neurotransmitter.
  2. Altruism releases endorphins, creating a “rush” similar to the feelings produced by exercise.
  3. Kindness is believed to be connected to improved heart health.
  4. Receiving a physical gift from a friend can lead to a major self-esteem boost.
  5. Your friend might return the favor! The love that you show others is likely to come back to you when you need it the most.

And now for the gifts!

Long-Distance Bracelets

A true friendship can withstand time, change, and even distance. The challenges you’ve faced, the laughs you’ve shared, and the places you’ve been with your best friend have earned you permanent real estate in each other’s hearts.

If you and your BFF are separated by distance, consider sending them a little token of your appreciation. A long-distance bracelet is an easy way to remain symbolically connected with your best friend.

Friends Coffee Mugs

There’s a reason why the TV show Friends is so popular: people love to see best buds spending quality time together. In fact, most people who have seen Friends can name a cast member with whom they identify on a personal level. Are you and your best friend more like Rachel and Monica, or Joey and Chandler? Or perhaps you and your best “friend” are more like Rachel and Ross (wink wink).

Show your best friend that you’ll be there for them (when the rain starts to pour) with a Friends coffee mug! They’ll think of your friendship and the song “Smelly Cat” every time they take a sip of their morning coffee.

Birthday Swag

Your best friend’s birthday is basically a holiday. It’s never too early to start looking for the perfect birthday gift for your BFF! You might reach for a present that says, “I appreciate you!” when it’s your boss’s birthday, but you’ll want to find something that says, “Wow, you’re so old lmao!” when it comes to your best friend.

Instead of scrambling to find the ideal birthday gift for your bestie at the last minute, keep an eye out for something funny and fitting year-round. When their special day finally rolls around, you’ll be prepared!


When you look good, you feel good. Give your best friend the gift of style with a fresh t shirt, a piece of jewelry that you know they’ll love, or a new pair of socks. Sure, these are small gifts, but they’ll let your buddy know that you’ve been thinking of them.

Every time your BFF wears their “just because” gift from you, they’ll reflect on how lucky they are to have a friend who’s so intimately familiar with their taste.

Grab your best friend and tell them why you value them! Where words fall short, put some thought into a small gift. Have a rockin’ National Best Friends Day!