Be prepared to be totally inspired. We’ve collabed with a bunch of our favorite influencers to bring you something new and completely different: looks inspired by lava. Well, our lava lamps. We sent these unique lava lamps to four influencers and told them to go wild. Spoiler: With our different color combos and their creativity, the results were completely mesmerizing.

Check out our first four #LooksByLava:

Royal Red Lava Lamp Look

This first look by @gothpixi killed it. With a black shadow base and a glitter overlay, her eyeshadow look was on point. She also took it a step further and painted on her own “lava wax” complete with artistic 3D effects. We can’t get over how she applied the black liquid lipstick, creating the illusion that it’s melting like the lava inside the lamp. Talk about a flawless finish.

Get the Royal Red Lava Lamp here.


Pink and Yellow Lava Lamp Look

This next look by @laurenrohrer is incredibly colorful. She used an array of colors on her eyes, including splashes of pink and orange across the lid, a pop of purple under the lower lash line, and a punch of vibrant yellow in the inner corner. When it came to the lips, she chose a bold red for a powerful finish. When all was said and done, she was literally glowing IRL.

Get the Pink and Yellow Lava Lamp here.


Bloody Red Lava Lamp Look


In order to keep things spooky all year round, @voodoobarbiedoll put her own twist on this lava makeup look. Using deep shades of purples and pinks, she created the perfect eyeshadow base to start. Next, with a bright pink pigment, she drew a drip effect on her crease to match her lava lamp. She then used her creativity and filled in the drips with liquid lipstick and outlined them with white eyeliner. After applying some winged eyeliner, false lashes, and topping off the look with the same red liquid lipstick on her lips to create a stunning ombré effect, this chilling look was complete.

Get the Bloody Red Lava Lamp here.


Blue and Yellow Lava Lamp Look

This last bright, bold, and badass crayon-bright look by @caitmarks was bursting with crazy-cool aquatic shades. After using a show-stopping yellow and green eyeshadow on the inner corner of her eye that blended out to her crease, she added a wave of super-pigmented blue shadows on her lid and deep crease. She topped off the eyes by taking a glittery liquid shadow to the inner corner, which really made the look come alive. She finished the look by adding some black lipstick for the perfect amount of contrast to her color-filled lava look!

Get the USB Blue and Yellow Lava Lamp here.


Did we totally inspire you to create your own #LooksByLava? Craft your own makeup look, use our hashtag, and you just might be featured on our social media pages or the blog for major inspo!