Ready to unlock your inner mystic? This all-inclusive beginner’s guide to exploring your newfound spirituality has a little something special for every witch.

Whether you and your besties are in desperate need of a purifying spiritual cleanse or want to harness the full moon’s powers for good (or bad—we’re not judgy witches), here are our best tips and tricks that you didn’t know you needed for some ultimate spiritual soul searching.

What is moon water?

Moon water and the art of making it may seem intimidating at first, but we promise it’s easier than you think. Moon water is just ordinary water that has been left to soak under the light of the full moon (hence the name).

Allowing your water to soak up the moon’s raw energies creates a powerfully charged concoction of lunar luxury—perfect for spells, rituals, or everyday life! Although often made under the light of a full moon, moon water can be made during any desired lunar phase, such as a new moon or any other significant celestial event!

Magical beginnings

In all her wondrous glory, the moon has been honored for many centuries through ancient spiritual worship and celebration. The practice of making moon water is believed to have originated sometime in the early 1800s, where it quickly became a versatile notch on every witch’s spiritual toolbelt. The moon’s natural, energetic connection to water makes it the perfect vessel to harness the lunar phases’ magical properties and spiritual goodness!

How to make your own moon water

Ready to make a batch of your own? All you’ll need is an intention, a clear jar of water, a full moon, and your favorite crystals (they’ll charge under the moonlight too!). Grab your ingredients and head outside—this is where the real magic happens.

Place your jar under direct moonlight and align your crystals along the bottom of the jar (water-safe crystals may be placed inside the water). Speak your desired intention aloud over top of your water, locking in all your positive manifestations and desires for the month ahead.

Leave the rest up to the moon! Head back inside and leave your water to soak up all the full moon’s witchy wonder. In the morning, you’ll have successfully made your very own jar of moon water!

Now what?

You’ve flawlessly mastered the art of making moon water. Now what? This magical potion can be used for anything and everything—and we mean everything. Although traditionally used in spells and rituals, modern uses of moon water are much more diverse.

Moon water can be used for drinking, watering plants, taking a bath, painting, or even as an extra step in your skincare routine. The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re energetically supercharging the growth of your plants or gracing your skin with the moon’s glossy glow, we know you won’t be able to turn back.

Practicing safe hex

We’re all about safe hex—especially when it comes to the magic of a full moon. Moon water can be a great addition to any spell, potion, elixir, or manifestation ritual, with the right guidance.

One of our favorite moon water rituals involves you, your moon water, a hot bath, and ½ teaspoon of honey. Grab some candles, your favorite tunes, and unwind while your skin soaks in the full moon’s healing energies.

Feeling lonely? Invite someone special to join you for some extra fun full moon magic!

What is a smudge stick?

Got some negative energies that need purging? It’s time to get smudging. Ancient cultures and religions alike have been using smudge sticks as a means of medicine and spiritual cleanse for many centuries.

A smudge stick is a carefully crafted bundle of dried herbs, such as white sage, lavender, or rosemary, tightly bound together by a piece of twine. Burning smudge sticks, or sage, is widely believed to banish negative energies, and provide healing and protection to a person, space, or group.

Origins of “smudging”

The practice of burning sage with spiritual intent, or “smudging,” originates from sacred indigenous tribes and ancient communities. This cleansing ritual was said to rid one of negative energy while providing protection from vengeful spirits and ill wishes.

Before attempting any smudging of your own, it’s important to understand the rich history behind this sacred indigenous custom. Ensuring that we honor ancient cultures by practicing respectfully and ethically is the first step in any smudging journey.

How to make your own smudge sticks

To make your own smudge sticks, you’ll need fresh sage, flowers, and other herbs of your choice. Our favorite sweet-smelling bundle includes sage, lavender, and a few rose petals!

To start, gather your herbs and flowers together in a tight bundle. Take a piece of twine, or some cotton string, and wind it up your bundle tightly in a crisscross pattern, then bring the string back down again using the same motion.

The key to any successful smudge stick is patience. Hang your smudge stick in a cool, dry spot and allow to dry for at least one week before using!

The benefits of burning sage

Sage, the heart of any good smudge stick, is an aromatic plant that’s been historically prized for its natural healing properties. This magic herb’s scent alone is known to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Aside from purifying your space and banishing unwanted energies, smudge sticks are a great form of aromatherapy; known to promote better health, better sleep, and positivity!  

When it comes to burning smudge sticks at home, we recommend using a smudge bowl for safe and easy practice!

We hope we’ve inspired you to tackle some witchy crafts of your own! Let us know how your smudge stick, moon water making adventures go at