This holiday season, you can’t go wrong by sharing the gift of entertainment! We’re all about making life a party, so we wanted to showcase some of our favorite party games, drinking games, puzzles, and books that are sure to liven up any gathering. Give them to your friends and family or to yourself to make sure your house is always ready for company.

Party Games

Be the ultimate host when you and your friends play any of these fun party games!

Never Have I Ever Card Game

Get ready to reveal some of your deepest secrets and learn hidden gems about your friends! Obsessed with your (and everyone’s) Rice purity test score? Delve more into everyone’s adventurous life choices with Never Have I Ever! You’ll wind up learning a lot you didn’t know about those closest to you.

Deluxe Ouija Board Game

Everyone loves this classic! Summon spirits and ask them your most burning questions with this Ouija board. This is a perfect game for families to put a spooky spin on any game night.

Mad Wish Party Game

Put a whole new twist on truth or dare with Mad Wish! You’ll be answering questions like “With whom did you have sex and regretted it afterwards?” Nobody will look at their friends in the same way after playing this game.

Incohearant Card Game

Read the seemingly nonsensical words on the card and try to figure out what they’re trying to say. This funny game is the perfect way to bring the laughs to any party.

For The Girls Card Game

For The Girls is perfect for bachelorette parties or any ladies’ night as you share truths, show off your knowledge and take dares. It’s the perfect way to bond with your best gals.

Ganjaland an Epic Weed Adventure – What Do You Meme

 Prepare for a fun party adventure that any 420 fan will enjoy with Ganjaland. Even if you don’t finish the game, a smokin’ hot time will be had by all.

Drinking Games

What’s more fun than drinking? Playing a drinking game! With these hilarious drinking games, everyone’s a winner.

Big Drunk Energy Card Game

Your next hang at the bar will be even more exciting when you bring Big Drunk Energy with you. This card game will have you interacting with strangers as you take part in embarrassing challenges that’ll make it a night for the books.

Truth or Drink Second Edition Game – Cut

The name says it all: tell a truth about yourself or knock back a drink. Either way, everyone playing will have a blast!

Do or Drink Card Game

Get ready for some wacky dares with Do or Drink! How wild are you willing to get? You decide whether you’re ready to do what the card says or take a drink.

Act Out or Black Out Card Game

This version of drunk charades will have you drinking up and laughing the whole time as you try to get your team to guess what you’re performing.

Drunk-Opoly Board Game

Go around the board and do shots, challenges, and take selfies! The more you drink, the more fun you’ll have with Drunk-Opoly.

Drinkopoly Board Game

Wind your way around the Drinkopoly board when you play the blurriest game ever! You’re guaranteed to have a good time no matter how far you get.

Grab a Piece Tower Drinking Game

How steady will your hands be as you keep drinking? Find out in this fun game that comes with four shot glasses and 60 blocks.  It’s sure to be a party hit.

BUZZED Drinking Card Game

Your friends will wind up drinking plenty with BUZZED, a card game where random acts like wearing more than two earrings or losing a thumb war result in you taking a sip of your drink.

First and Last Drinking Game

By the end of the First and Last drinking game, you’ll be laughing so hard that your sides will be sore! A rotating judge reads instructions like “get on all fours and neigh like a horse.” Depending on the card, the first or last person takes a drink.

Trunk of Drunk Card Game

Enjoy 12 of the most fun drinking games in this Trunk of Drunk Card Game! Give the gift that keeps on giving with this assortment of games that never get old.


Get the whole family or your friends together and huddle over these fun pop culture-inspired puzzles.

The Golden Girls Premium 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Throw it back to one of the best sitcoms every by putting together this The Golden Girls puzzle. It features the smiling faces of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia!

Beetlejuice 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

“Go ahead, make my millennium,” says Beetlejuice in this puzzle that’s perfect for any fan of the movie.

Corpse Bride 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Relive some of your favorite moments from Corpse Bride with this fun movie puzzle.


For the bookworm in your life, gift options include everything from spell books to manga to journals and cookbooks.

1001 Spells Book

Channel your inner witch and learn how to cast all sorts of spells in this helpful guide!

Assassination Classroom Manga – Volume 1

They’ll discover the world of Assassination Classroom in this action-packed manga.

Tarot Moon and Sun Journal Deluxe

They can write down the details of their life or free associate in this beautiful journal. Want to learn more about tarot in our guide to tarot cards.

Green: A Pocket Guide to Weed Book

Any stoner will be thrilled to receive this book of weed strains. Looking for more gift ideas for your favorite stoner? See our weed lover’s gift guide.

Pimp My Noodles Cookbook

For anyone who wants to learn how to make ramen less basic and even tastier, this cookbook’s a perfect place to start.

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