If you want to spice up your sex life, why not try a new sex position? There are so many thrilling sex positions that can help you become even more intimate with your partner and tap into total erotic pleasure. Below are the best sex positions to help you mix it up and have even more fun in the bedroom.

Missionary sex position

Missionary Sex Position

The missionary sex position is one of the most common and is great for people of all genders. In missionary, both partners lay down so their bodies are aligned lengthwise, with one facing the other. The person on top uses their penis or strap-on to penetrate them. The person on the bottom can wrap their legs around their partner’s waist, put their legs on their partner’s shoulders, or hold them in the air in a “V” shape.

Doggie style sex position

Doggie Style Sex Position

The doggie style sex position involves one partner lying facedown and the other person penetrating them from behind. Doggy style can offer deeper stimulation than the missionary sex position and allow the person on the bottom to touch their clitoris or use a clitoral vibrator.

Cowgirl sex position

Cowgirl Sex Position

The cowgirl sex position involves a person with a penis or a strap-on dildo lying on their back, while the other person is facing them and straddles them, lowering themselves down for penetration. The person on top (or “riding cowgirl”) is in control of this position and can set the pace and rhythm. The person on the bottom can hold onto their hips, grab their butt, or they can clasp hands if desired.

Reverse cowgirl sex position

Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position

The reverse cowgirl sex position is similar to the cowgirl position, but in reverse, as the name suggests. The person on top is facing away from their partner, offering them a view of their backside. The reverse cowgirl sex position provides a different angle for penetration than cowgirl that may be more pleasurable for some people.

Toying with the cowgirl sex position

Toying with the Cowgirl Sex Position

The toying with the cowgirl sex position is another variation on the cowgirl, with the person “riding” cowgirl using a sex toy, such as a clitoral vibrator, on themselves.

Wheelbarrow sex position

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

The wheelbarrow sex position involves one person standing up and holding up their partner by the waist, then penetrating them from behind. This could be thought of as a standing doggy style position. The wheelbarrow only works if the person standing is strong enough to maintain their hold on the other person.

69 sex position

69 Sex Position

The 69 sex position involves one person lying on their back, with the other person lying on top of them so their faces and genitals are aligned. Each person can perform oral sex on the other and experience true double pleasure. 69 is the perfect sex position for anyone who loves to give and get head!

Side saddle sex position

Side Saddle Sex Position

The side saddle sex position lets the person on top take control and get plenty of clitoral stimulation. Side saddle is somewhat similar to the cowgirl, but with the person on top turned to the side. The person on top gets to ride their partner and go as fast or slow as they’d like, while also showing off their profile for their partner.

Face off sex position

Face Off Sex Position

The face off sex position features one person sitting in a chair and the other person facing them and straddling them. This position allows participants to enjoy sex in a different setting than they may be used to. Face off provides intimacy by the nature of its closeness in a way that some other sex positions may not.

Lotus sex position

Lotus Sex Position

The lotus sex position is similar to the face off position, but instead of sitting on a chair, the partners are sitting on the floor facing each other, with one straddling the other. For those who want intense clitoral stimulation, the lotus can be an excellent sex position, plus it brings you in very close contact with your partner from the head on down. If you like to kiss during sex while feeling intimately connected, the lotus may be right for you.

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