April Fools’ Day has come a long way. The holiday’s exact origins are somewhat of a mystery, but most historians agree that April Fools’ Day was inspired by France’s transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in 1582.  Since shooting out a group text with the news wasn’t an option at the time, some people were slower than others to learn that the start of the new year had moved to January 1st. Those who didn’t get the memo continued to celebrate during the last week of March through April 1st, and their naiveté inspired jokes for the next 400 years or so.

Since then, April Fools’ Day pranks have gotten seriously elaborate. In 1957, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) aired a segment claiming that Ticino, a region of Switzerland near the Italian border, was experiencing a remarkably heavy “spaghetti crop” that year. Images of families plucking spaghetti from bushes and trees flashed across viewers’ screens. In 1962, a major television network in Sweden convinced the public that black-and-white broadcasts would appear in color when viewed through nylon stockings.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a major news network or an exceptional imagination (spaghetti trees…that’s brilliant). If you’re like us and just want to make your brother, boyfriend, or co-worker laugh, Spencer’s has got you covered. Here are a few classic pranks that are guaranteed to make anyone crack a smile.

Fart Bombs

We’re kicking off this list with fart bombs for one reason: farts are hilarious. We all have that one friend who takes themselves just a little bit too seriously. Plant a fart bomb in this friend’s general area and do your best to sound appalled when you ask, “Was that you?”

fart bomb

The Underwear Drawer Switch-Up

People love routines. Whether you realize it or not, you’re probably acting on autopilot when you reach into your underwear drawer to grab what you need. If you’re lucky enough to live with another person, switch up the contents of their underwear drawer. Move the embarrassing animal-print pairs to the front and center position, mismatch carefully paired socks, and throw in things that don’t even belong in that drawer. Your roommate will be confused (and ultimately delighted) to find a spatula in their underwear drawer.

Fake Lottery Tickets

Convince your friend (or enemy) that they’ve won the lottery! Gather your victims, pass out real and phony lottery tickets, and get ready to board a roller coaster of emotions.

Chocolate Surprise

You’ll need two things for this one: chocolate and a toilet. You know where this is going. Melt a little bit of chocolate in the palm of your hand, smear it on a toilet seat and toilet paper roll, and wait! Whoever uses the bathroom after you is in for a treat. Trust us; it’s worth the cleanup.

Bubble Wrap Trap

Don’t you love bubble wrap? When you’re prepared for it, the popping sound that bubble wrap makes is so much fun! When you’re not prepared for it, however, it can be kind of alarming. Place bubble wrap under a high traffic area rug and find a comfortable seat nearby. Enjoy the confused and frightened expressions that follow.

Rubber Chicken

Go back to basics with an absolute legend of a prank, the rubber chicken! Host a springtime dinner party and whip this bad boy out when your guests ask what’s on the menu. Bonus points if you can find one that emits an obnoxious, high-pitched squeak.

rubber chicken

The Wet One

First, pick an ideal prank location like your girlfriend’s desk or your brother’s spot at the dinner table. Fill a glass of water about halfway with water. Place a card or a plastic bag on top, flip the glass upside down, and carefully place the glass on the flat surface of your choice. Remove the card or bag, and watch as your friend or coworker struggles to figure out how to proceed!

Whoopee Cushion

A fine alternative to the fart bomb, the Whoopee Cushion is practically synonymous with April Fools’ Day. Blow it up, hide it under a couch cushion or blanket, and encourage your unsuspecting victim to take a seat. Nothing is funnier than a giant, unexpected fart. Nothing.

Funky Fresh

Grab a stick of your friend’s deodorant and replace its contents with cream cheese! They’ll go from powder fresh to queasy and cheesy in an instant. This harmless prank may require some cleanup, and you can guarantee that you’ll be responsible for it.

Nail Polish on Soap

Did you know that putting a coat of clear nail polish on a bar of soap makes it impossible to work up a lather? Let your freshly manicured soap dry overnight for best results. If you hear someone yelling in frustration from the shower the next day, you’ll know why!

Spencer’s is an authority on all things funny, and we’re always down for a good prank. Have a Happy April Fools’ Day, and remember to sniff your deodorant before you use it!