Big horror movie fan? You came to the right place. At Spencer’s, we love a good scare. That’s why we put together a list of nine goosebump-inducing date ideas for horror lovers! These dates are perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time of the year. Sure, going out to dinner is always nice. But ghost hunting or taking on an escape room with your favorite person is the ultimate thrill. Prepare for a night filled with love and lots of screams!

Go on a ghost hunt

A paranormal investigation is always a thrilling experience. Whether you want to investigate your own home or a nearby location that has a legendary history, ghost hunting is the perfect date for horror fans.

Plan out a horror movie marathon

Movie marathons are always a fun date night option. They’re even better when the movies make you scream bloody murder. Make a list of horror movies, watch them, and discuss. Maybe you and your date have similar tastes, or maybe they’ll show you your new favorite flick!

Head to an escape room

Escape rooms take teamwork, and so do relationships. Get ready to put your problem-solving and communication skills to the test!

Read each other scary stories

Turn out the lights, grab a flashlight, cuddle up, and get ready to scare the sh*t out of each other. You can make up your story as you go, or you can find plenty of terrifying tales on

Conjure spirits with a Ouija board

Game night is one thing. Ouija night is another. Become masters of spiritual communication when you break out the Ouija board!

Make some spooky treats

Spice up dinnertime when you and your significant other cook something sinister. Some of our favorite horror-themed meals include “toes in bandages” (aka pigs in a blanket) or these awesome “monster finger breadsticks.”

Host a horror-themed party

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to host a horror-themed party. Put on a killer costume and deck the halls with thrills and chills. Your special someone will be ready for a night filled with fright!

Go see the newest horror movie in theaters

While a horror movie marathon is always a good choice, it’s also fun to hit the movie theater. Take a chance on the newest horror movie, even if you don’t know much about it. You never know…it might just give you nightmares.

Go camping (or cabin-ing)

Camping is an incredible date night option for horror lovers. But Friday the 13th fans will tell you first hand, this activity isn’t for the faint of heart. If you see someone running through the woods in a hockey mask, RUN.

Whether you’re into ghosts, vampires, werewolves, or all of the above, these date night recommendations are exactly what horror fans are looking for. Be sure to keep up with all of our horror content on The Inspo Spot and to shop Spencer’s for all your horror merch needs!