Winter is upon us! The days are getting shorter and the nights seem to stretch on forever. The cold weather, mixed with a real lack of vitamin D, can make this time of year hard for many people, especially after the holidays.

What better way to beat the cold than from within? Creating a space that supports all your hibernation needs is crucial to finding that perfect warm and cozy ambiance that will help you actually enjoy these long winter months. Cabin fever never sounded so good!

The Warm and Fuzzies

Winter means out with the old and in with the new. Switching up your home’s décor and surrounding yourself with the fluffiest and fuzziest of fleece blankets, throw pillows, and cute plushies is a must. It’s time to create your peaceful place for nesting in this chilly season.

Winter is a time for much-needed warmth and adorable accents that will liven up your space. Cuddle up on the couch with this reversible Coraline Key Reversible Fleece Blanket, or snuggle next to this cutie Mini Mushroom Plush Squishable. We promise you’ll never feel more at home!

Create a Book Nook

You know that book that you’ve been meaning to read for months now? What better time than the present to grab it off the shelf?

Winter is the perfect opportunity to wind down and allow your mind, body, and soul to indulge in life’s simple pleasures. Create a cozy reading nook of your very own, perfect for mindful journaling, reading, or simply relaxing.

Decorate your book nook with careful mood lighting, textured throws, and of course, the ultimate reading or journaling material. This Tarot Moon and Sun Journal Deluxe is perfect for venting all your winter worries and manifesting your warmest wants and desires.

Go Green

Plants can be a super soothing addition to any space, especially during the dull, barren winter months. Bringing the outdoors into your home can promote mood-boosting and purifying properties while keeping your room fresh and lush. If you have a green thumb, we say plants, plants, and more plants!

Decorate your space with luscious greenery, funky pots, and planters that will brighten up any room. Always on the go? Fake plants are a great way to add pops of color and extra dazzle to any area without the added commitment.

Seasonal Scents

Adding seasonal scents to your space will create a winter wonderland right in the comfort of your own home. Smell is one of our most powerful senses and is crucial when creating a serene and warm ambiance in your sacred space. Infusing deep scents, like incense, into your home is believed to promote better sleep habits while passing positive and mood-boosting energies.

Customize your coziness with sensual and calming hints of lavender, jasmine, or citrus! The natural woodsy aroma of incense is perfect for winter.

Level Your Lighting

Adding new levels to your lighting can make a big difference when creating a cozy, soft winter environment. Sometimes opting for a more soothing glow, like a table lamp, is an excellent alternative to harsh overhead lighting.

Lava lamps are the perfect way to add soft illumination and intense pops of color to any room, reading nook, or unique space.

Staying in is Sexy

Everyone knows that winter = cuffing season. Whether you’re staying in with a partner or flying solo, switching up your sex life can be a great way to beat the winter stir crazies.

Treat yourself to a fiery new toy or plan a sexy game night with someone special— the possibilities are endless. It might be cold and dreary outside, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get a little hot and steamy in the bedroom!

Speaking of Steamy…

What’s better than a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day? We can’t think of anything, either. Winter is the perfect time to upgrade your drinkware and kitchenware collections, whether you are into tea, soup, coffee, or hot cocoa.  

Match the cozy ambiance and warmth of the rest of your living space with some fun mugs and bowls, perfect for all your binge-watching nights by the fire.

We hope these cozy tips and tricks will help you create a warm and toasty winter haven this season. For more ways to keep things interesting this winter, check out How to Celebrate Winter Solstice or browse Our Ultimate Gift Guide Resource for some last-minute holiday shopping!