We love to drink wine—and you probably do too! What better way to enjoy your favorite red or white than with a stemless wine glass? If you’ve never tried one, you’re missing out! You can be the host or hostess whose parties everyone wants to attend simply by adding them to your drinkware collection. Whether you’re a daily or occasional wine drinker, you want a vessel for your imbibing that suits your personality and fits in well with your home.

Below, check out Spencer’s top five reasons we can’t get enough of stemless wine glasses.

They’re sturdier than wine glasses with stems

Let’s face it—nothing ruins the fun of a party faster than someone knocking over a glass of wine. The stems can make them harder to balance, and easier to knock over. Enter the magic of a stemless wine glass. There’s no precarious balancing act to handle. Just place it on a coaster and you’re all set.

you are the monica to my rachel friends stemless wine glass wineglass

They’re easier to hold

When you want to focus on the person you’re talking to and not on holding your wine glass firmly, but not too firmly that you snap the stem, a stemless glass is your best bet.

love potion no wine stemless wine glass wineglass

They store easily

Stemless wine glasses are easy to store in your kitchen cabinet since they’re shorter than ones with stems. You can line them up so they’re ready any time you’re in the mood for a glass.

glitter cheers bitches stemless wine glass wineglass

They look pretty

Just as we like to get dressed up when we go out, we also like our wine to look good while we drink it. Forget stuffy glasses fit only for wine snobs. These stemless glasses are stylish and add some flair to your drinking.

diamond ring stemless wine glass wineglass

They’re fun to drink from

Unless you’re the type who likes to drink alone in a dark room, drinking alcohol should be fun! And that’s exactly what stemless wine glasses provide.

fukitol stemless wine glass wineglass

Agree? Disagree? We can settle it over a bottle of wine…or via email. Let us know your favorite drinking vessel by emailing spencersblog@spencergifts.com and check out our full selection of wine glasses for your next party.