You’ve gotten over your nerves and asked out the hottie you’ve been crushing on! Now you’re not sure where to actually take them. Don’t worry! We’ve got 100 fun first date ideas that will help you get to know them while having a blast! We’ve got ideas for sporty couples, music lovers, and so much more.  Some are sexy, some are budget-friendly, and all of them are fun. With so many to choose from, there’s something for everyone. If date number one is a success, feel free to peruse this list again to up the ante for date two!

  1. Escape from an escape room – Is there a better way to get to know someone than when the pressure is on? Nope!
  2. Hit the beach – If the sun is shining and you have access to the ocean (or a smaller body of water), the beach is the perfect place for a long stroll as you get to know your date.
  3. Visit a casino – Even if you’re not a high roller, the lights, commotion and people watching opportunities in a casino will definitely give you plenty to talk about.
  4. Go to a museum – Go see a new exhibit or the permanent collection at your local museum. You’ll impress your date with your sophistication and you can trade opinions on the art you’re seeing. Then, hit up the café or gift shop and continue the discussion.
  5. Eat at a dine-in movie theater – Put an exciting twist on dinner and a movie without worrying about how you’ll get from one place to the other.
  6. Commandeer a jukebox – If you’ve got a favorite bar with a jukebox, load up a night of songs, keep the drinks flowing, and discover where your musical tastes intersect.
  7. Cheer on your favorite team – Take your date to a basketball, football, baseball or soccer game. Whether you’re rooting for the same team or opposing ones, the lively action on the field is perfect entertainment.
  8. Ride a hot air balloon – Enjoy the peacefulness of being in your own private hot air balloon. Take turns picking out your favorite landmarks from above as you take in the view.
  9. Shop in a thrift store – This budget-friendly date idea gives you a chance to get to know the other person’s sense of style. Offer to treat them to their favorite item of clothing.
  10. Hit up a comedy club – Sure, you might get singled out by a comedian who’s doing a bit, but you also get to know the your date’s sense of humor!
  11. Attend a flower show – What’s more romantic than being surrounded by thousands of flowers?
  12. Attend a festival – Put on your favorite gear and rock out all day to amazing bands at a festival like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, SXSW or a smaller local one. You’re likely to discover some new musical favorites and can chat in between acts.
  13. Visit an aquarium – There’s something special about seeing everything from multi-colored fish to giant sharks gliding through the water. Share the magic and maybe they’ll be in as much awe of you as they were the fish by the end of the night!
  14. Crash a wedding – While we wouldn’t recommend actually attending the wedding of someone you know as a first date, if you’re daring enough to crash one, you can have a fabulous time sneaking around, people watching and feasting as you watch strangers tie the knot.
  15. Take in a burlesque show – Start things off with a racy evening as you watch girls (or guys) tease, twirl, and taunt in sexy outfits. Burlesque is the perfect background for flirty conversation.
  16. Visit an amusement park – There’s so much to see, do, and eat at an amusement park. You can’t go wrong. If you’re both into rides, get to know each other while you wait in line.
  17. Attend a car show – Checking out old cars lets you get a glimpse of history as you stroll down automotive memory lane. See if your favorites align.
  18. Go bike riding – Explore your town and get some exercise. Plan a route that’s bike-friendly and gives you a chance to hop off and explore your surroundings. You’ll wow your date if you show up with a tandem bike or two (rent them if you don’t have them handy). Just make sure they’re dressed for the occasion.
  19. Go to a concert – While the music’s blaring, you may not have much time to chat, but if you’re both big fans, the rush of hearing your favorite band live will be worth it. Dance the night away to the tunes you both adore, or introduce your date to an act you love.
  20. Take a cooking class – At the very least, you’ll get a meal out of it, and you’ll see how your date moves in the kitchen. Yes, chopping skills can be sexy!
  21. Play board games – Bust out classics like Monopoly or Operation, test your skills at Jenga, or break out a deck of cards. Bring them to a local café so you can enjoy treats while you play.
  22. Go to a wine tasting –Sample various reds and whites and you may walk away with a bottle of your new favorite wine! Plus, you’ll be that much more relaxed as you chat with your date.
  23. Volunteer for a charity – Do some good for your local community and you’ll get the bonus of completing a good deed! ! You can serve meals to the homeless, garden, play with animals, visit the elderly, and so much more. You’ll show your date that you have a big heart right off the bat.
  24. Drive or ride to a nearby town neither of you has been to – Taking a ride together gives you a chance to chat. Plus, you’ll get to see something new, which puts you both on equal footing.
  25. Have a picnic – Enjoy the weather and the great outdoors while showing off your culinary skills (or at least, your finger food choices).
  26. Visit a planetarium – Combine fun and education for an otherworldly evening that’s out of the ordinary.
  27. Play miniature golf – This is a sport that anyone, no matter their athletic ability, can enjoy. Chat away in between holes, and if your date’s ball wanders far off the course, be chivalrous and chase it down for them.
  28. Take a helicopter ride – See your city in a whole new way as you get an aerial view. You’ll be in close quarters so you can swap getting-to-know-you tidbits as you get a tour from above. You can even hold hands if they need support!
  29. Get haircuts – Sure, it’s a little unusual, but visiting a hair salon together can be a bonding experience. Take before and after photos, and you’ll feel great as you show off your new ‘do’s for each other.
  30. Visit a haunted house – If you both like to be scared, a haunted house date is the perfect way to get your screams on as you get to know what creeps the other person out the most.
  31. Go zip lining – Share your sense of adventure as you zip through the air. You’ll feel exhilarated when you’re done, making it easy to let your guard down.
  32. Sip cocktails at an ice bar – Make your first time having drinks extra special when you enjoy it at an ice bar. Cuddle up if you get chilly!
  33. See a play – Whether it’s Shakespeare, a small local production or if you’re a high roller, Hamilton on Broadway, you’ll get swept away by the drama onstage. Rehash the action afterward over drinks or a snack.
  34. Hit up a local happy hour – Put an emphasis on the “happy” and order a selection of food and drinks. This is a great cheap date idea that can last as long as the specials do.
  35. Sing karaoke – Show off your musical taste and your dance moves while laughing and serenading your date. You’ll learn very quickly whether they can stay in tune or not.
  36. Take a hike – If the weather cooperates, hiking is a great way to get your blood pumping and squeeze in some exercise. Reward yourselves with a picnic at the end of the trail or go out for a leisurely meal when you’re done.
  37. Be a tourist – Whether you’re new in town or have lived there your whole life, it’s always fun to play tourist. Visit a landmark, take a bus or walking tour, or simply break out your selfie stick.
  38. Visit an arcade – Go old school with the pinball machines or classics like Ms. Pacman. You’ll discover just how animated your date gets when they try to beat the high score. Play different machines and take turns or go head-to-head with a two-player video game.
  39. Ice skate – Take a whirl on the ice. Don’t worry if you’re not an Olympic level pro; that’ll give you a reason to hold onto each other.
  40. Hit balls at a batting cage – Get ready to batter up. You can compare how you did afterward over a nice cold lemonade or beer at a bar or diner nearby.
  41. Bounce at a trampoline park – Burn some energy as you jump on a trampoline. You’re bound to laugh as you enjoy this kid-like environment.
  42. Stroll a street fair – If you’re near a big city or within driving distance of one, a street fair is a fun way to spend an afternoon browsing local vendors and tasting food samples (and perhaps sharing something delicious).
  43. Play bingo – This is a fun way to indulge your competitive spirit and get your adrenaline pumping. Root for your date as you wait for your numbers to be called. If you win, celebrate with a snack or drinks.
  44. Attend a cuddle party – If you’re the hugging type, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere of a cuddle party. You’ll learn how to ask for what you want and have the chance for some quality cuddling time with your date.
  45. Go canoeing – Enjoy the peacefulness of being on the water while working those arm muscles. You’ll need teamwork to make canoeing happen, so it’s a good test of whether your date is the coordinated type.
  46. Take a dance class – Whether it’s salsa dancing, tango dancing, or swing dancing, you’ll get up close and personal as you learn some smooth moves.
  47. Attend a con – Show off your cosplay style and attend a convention. If you’re both geeky types, this is a wonderful date that’ll last all day and be full of exciting moments.
  48. Visit the dead – Make your way through a cemetery. This is a perfect date anyone who wants a darker atmosphere and not a typical bar or restaurant location. You can have a picnic among the graves or head to a quiet locale afterward.
  49. People-watch in a hotel lobby – Hotels are the perfect place to observe a wide range of humanity. Settle yourselves in prime cozy seating, perhaps with drinks in hand, and make up stories about the folks you see checking in and out.
  50. Go on an art crawl – You get exercise plus the chance to see art and mingle with a crowd as you hop from gallery to gallery.
  51. Visit a brewery – Get a tour and sample some of the best local beers around.
  52. Sample 31 flavors – Okay, maybe not 31, but visiting a few local ice cream shops and sampling your favorites before deciding which scoop you want is a sweet way to get to know someone.
  53. Play ping pong – Pick up that paddle and knock that ball back and forth while you get to know each other. It’s a lighthearted way to stay active while having enough breath left to get better acquainted.
  54. Visit a dispensary – While marijuana dispensaries aren’t legal in all 50 states, if they are near you and you’re both weed smokers, you can celebrate 420 together as you make your selections.
  55. Attend a demolition derby –Watch cars crash into each other along with other fans and enjoy your time together!
  56. Visit your local boardwalk – Play games like Skee-Ball and Whack-a-Mole, then enjoy treats like a loaded hot dog and funnel cake.
  57. Get spa treatments – Spend a few hours at a spa where you can lounge in a hot tub or pool (maybe even one with a swim-up bar), sweat it out in a sauna, and get massages. It’s an utterly indulgent date that will leave you feeling totally relaxed.
  58. Visit a pet store – Whether you’re looking for a new furry companion or simply love animals, you’ll both get a kick out of petting dogs, cats, and other cute creatures! You may wind up with a new furry friend by the end of the date!
  59. Pick apples or other fruits – Enjoy beautiful weather and a healthy treat as you visit a local farm and pick apples, blueberries, or other sweet treats. There’s plenty of time to chat while you search.
  60. Be part of a historical reenactment – Rather than just learning about history, you can live it. While you may not have much time to talk as you’re reenacting, it’ll be a joint adventure that’s definitely off the beaten path.
  61. Make arts and crafts – You can set up in a park or at home with your preferred art supplies. This taps into your creative side without being too structured.
  62. Play trivia – Find a bar that’s hosting trivia night. Form your own two-person team or make new friends to play with. You’ll get to know what random facts lurk in your date’s head as you cheer each other on.
  63. Go bowling – Whether your balls tend to land in the gutter or you’re a strike master, bowling is always fun. Get some snacks and root for each other as you knock down those pins.
  64. Make s’mores – If you’ve got a fire pit or access to one, roast marshmallows over the flame for the perfect s’mores.
  65. Take your dogs to the dog park – If you’ve got a pooch at home and your date does too, let them get to know one another while you do the same.
  66. Attend an open mic night – Anything can happen at an open mic night! If you’re daring, you can each go up and do your own bit.
  67. Eat at Chuck E. Cheese’s – Yes, you’ll be surrounded by little kids, but that’s half the fun. Eat pizza, play games, and forget about trying to be sophisticated.
  68. Play laser tag – Be a kid again and enjoy some laser tag.
  69. Dining in the Dark – This is exactly what it sounds like: A meal without the benefit of light. Not being able to see may help you get the conversation flowing. They won’t know if you make any awkward faces, plus it gives you a chance to be less focused on looks and more on what you’re hearing and eating.
  70. Visit a botanical garden – Like the flower show, this gives you a chance to enjoy the beauty and colors of nature in a peaceful environment, perfect for getting to know a stranger.
  71. Take a painting class – If you’d rather make art than just observe it, get hands-on with a painting class. Select one for beginners so there’s no pressure. You and your date can trade paintings at the end of the night as a souvenir.
  72. Do a color run – Here’s another date for fitness buffs. You’ll get to run a 5K and be covered in different colors by the end. You won’t be in a hurry so you can still make time to talk as you go.
  73. Browse a bookstore – This is a great date idea for lit lovers—and everyone else! Whether you’re a bookworm or not, you can browse the travel section and talk about the places you’d like to visit, check out photo books, or just stroll the aisles.
  74. Take a photography class – You’ll get to observe each other as you snap away. Whether you discover a whole new skill or not, you’ll be bonding from behind the lens.
  75. Head to the zoo – There are plenty of awe-inspiring animals to check out at the zoo. Some even have after-hours evening events that may offer up more of an adult atmosphere.
  76. Try rock climbing – If you haven’t done it before, rock climbing can help you build confidence as you learn a new skill. Cheer each other on as you scramble up the wall, and then relax together when you’re done.
  77. Get tattoos – Obviously, you should know what you want permanently inked on your body before you plan the date. But if you’re both up for getting a tattoo, you can join each other for camaraderie.
  78. Draw models at Dr. Sketchy’s – Attend Dr. Sketchy’s, where models pose while they’re rendered on paper by a crowd. This is a fun twist for those who are artistically inclined.
  79. See a freak show – If there’s a freak show nearby, you and your date can enjoy curiosities and oddities that will certainly be riveting. This will definitely prove that you’re anything but basic.
  80. Visit a historical home – History buffs, you can get insight into what life was like in the olden days by taking a tour of a classic house.
  81. Dine from food trucks – If your town has an area where food trucks gather, such as in Portland, Oregon, head there and try a variety of tasty treats. They’re perfect for sharing.
  82. Take a dip – Find a hotel with a pool that you can get access to for the day. Dip your feet, enjoy a drink, and splash around.
  83. Plan a long walk with a view – While walking may sound, well, like something you can do any day of the week, if you give some thought to your walking path, you can see all sorts of cool buildings, shops, and sights. Bring a bottle of wine or set up a picnic to enjoy each other when you’re done.
  84. Drink at a speakeasy – Get glammed up and visit a speakeasy for an exciting drinking atmosphere that’s perfectly conducive to first date conversation.
  85. Tour a factory – If you’ve got an interesting factory within driving distance, go on their tour. You’ll learn all about how their products are made and are likely to get some samples.
  86. Make a movie – Use your phone or video camera and take turns making short films. Record each other, nature, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Then get some popcorn and have your own mini film festival.
  87. Attend a Death Salon – Another date idea for those whose minds skew toward the darker side of life. A Death Salon is a discussion about what happens after we die. Of course, make sure your date is interested before planning this.
  88. Take an improv class – Rather than watching comedy, be part of it! You’ll get to learn a lot about someone by how they react to a prompt, and get insight into how their mind works.
  89. Learn bartending skills – Rather than just ordering drinks at a bar, take a class on how to mix exciting drinks. However the date goes, you’ll be able to impress your friends with your mixology tricks.
  90. Hit up Costco – Yes, the warehouse store can be a cool place to stock up on some supplies while enjoying free samples. If you have a membership and they don’t, your date will surely be grateful. Hit up the food court for a hot dog or ice cream cone on the way out.
  91. Shoot it up at a gun range – Engage in some target practice! Find out how good of a shot your date is while you enjoy this high-energy activity.
  92. Go to an art opening – While a museum may charge admission, art openings are usually free and are likely to have wine and cheese. Mingle with art lovers and perhaps meet the artists while enjoying some culture.
  93. Head to a farmers market – Like a street fair, there will be plenty to eat, and likely free samples (healthy ones too!). If you get along well enough, you can make a meal together afterward with your findings.
  94. Cook for each other – If you trust them enough to visit their home, enjoy a cooking date. Find a recipe both of you has yet to make, gather all the ingredients, and then whip up something tasty. This date can be as fancy or frugal as you’d like.
  95. Plan a scavenger hunt – This requires a little time and effort to make it a challenge, but what date wouldn’t be honored by the effort? Give them a reward of a cake or bottle of wine after they’ve found all the clues.
  96. Go skydiving – Adrenaline junkies can take this big leap together! One of you may have to reassure the other, but that’s okay. If you hit it off, you’ll have a great story to tell about your first date.
  97. Get a piercing – This isn’t as big of a commitment as a tattoo (#77), and won’t take that long. If you’re a fan of body modification, add a new charm to your body. Whether you show it to your date is up to you (and may depend on what kind of piercing you get!).
  98. Visit a psychic – Whether you believe in their ability to predict the future or not, psychics are fun. You can do a joint reading or separate ones. Debrief afterward and decide in tandem whether you think the predictions will come true.
  99. Walk across a bridge – Whether on a weekend afternoon or for an evening stroll, you’ll get some exercise while taking in a beautiful view. Once you get across, you can get coffee and dessert to fuel up for the walk back.
  100. Head to the mall – We promise, we’re not just saying this because that’s where we’re located. You can learn a lot about someone by how they shop, and their taste in food court snacks!

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