Lingerie is this season’s “it” gift, and not just for your girlfriend. Between the supple lace and buttery satin, lingerie holds superpowers capable of making anyone feel sexy. In fact, a study conducted by Jim Pfaus at Concordia University in Montreal found that rats were more likely to engage in sex with partners wearing tiny jackets than those not. This suggests that animals can learn to associate certain types of clothing with sex. The takeaway: If you’re more turned on by a bright red bralette than an unclad chest, you’re not alone! You can blame science.

Lingerie isn’t just for those who identify as female. Any person drawn to the sensual nature of lingerie should try it on. Here are 10 reasons to add lingerie to your gift list this season!

1. Lingerie Can Encourage Freedom of Expression

Lingerie is genderless. Anyone who loves the look and feel of lingerie is invited to wear it!

Its stunning hues and sultry cuts are universally flattering. From bodysuits to crotchless panties, there are coverage styles suitable for every taste.

2. Wearing Lingerie Can Boost Confidence

When you need a confidence boost, slip into something that makes you feel (and look) stunning. This Black Cropped Lace-Up Mesh Bustier and G-String Panties Set will make you feel your sexiest.

3. Lingerie Can Be Just for You

It might be just another day of running errands and grabbing dinner with friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy. Wear this Red and Black Bow Corset Set under your jeans and t-shirt or sport this stunning corset top on its own! It can be our little secret.

4. Wearing Lingerie Can Make Any Occasion Feel Special

Whether it’s your first date or your 50th anniversary, wearing lingerie can make an otherwise predictable day feel special. This Christmas, make this Black Hardware Lace Bodysuit the last gift they open. You can thank us later.

5. Lingerie Can Help to Initiate Intimacy

Drop a not-so-subtle hint that you’re craving closeness by swapping your bathrobe for a Studs and Kisses Strappy Black Harness Bra and Panties Set.

6. Lingerie Is Pretty

Even when it’s not being worn, lingerie can be beautiful. At a glance, this Daisy Printed Cropped Bustier and Thong Panties Set is pretty. Upon closer examination, its carefully mesh floral fabric and figure-flattering lace-up details are even more breathtaking.

7. Lingerie Can Enhance Sexual Satisfaction

Have you ever looked forward to a vacation for months? As the day draws closer, you can feel your excitement building and your mood gradually lifting. When anticipation is allowed to grow over time, the final reward can feel even more powerful.

Wearing lingerie can extend the period of anticipation that comes before sex. It presents an opportunity to slow down and savor every moment.

8. Lingerie Can Give You a Fresh Start

Are you going through a breakup? Starting a new job? Curious about what it feels like to wear lingerie? There’s something about slipping into a Plus Size UV Reactive Neon Pink Teddy and standing with your shoulders back in front of a mirror that can remind you of your power. You are beautiful, confident, and capable of facing change.

9. Lingerie Provides Coverage When You Want It

Lingerie is available in a range of styles, from barely-there to supportive. Take the time to choose lingerie that makes you feel good in your own skin. This Black Satin Chemise and Robe Set features alluring details with lots of coverage!

10. You Can Use Lingerie to Play a Role

Perfect for brides-to-be or future fiancés, bridal lingerie is so in. Not engaged yet? What better way to manifest a ring from your S.O. than with a little fantasy dress-up and roleplaying? Roleplaying with lingerie can encourage you to explore new and exciting forms of intimacy!

This holiday season, give the gifts of confidence, luxury, and intimacy in the form of lingerie. While you’re at it, don’t forget to treat yourself to something, too! For more gift ideas, check out our Ultimate Gift Guide Resource!